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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Full Moon

I've heard that it's a parental obligation to show cute but compromising photos of your toddler. Since it's a friends and family site, here you go!

Monday, December 22, 2008

And she strikes again...

Today I took Cady to story time at the library. Probably due to the holidays, it was a nice small group of about four moms/dads and only five or six kids. The reader, a man, was reading a book about a cat that also featured other animals. When he turned to the cow page, there's a cartoon picture of a cow with a very large udder. Cady, who is standing in front of the book, exclaims, "Look mommy! That cow has a peepo!" Peepo is a word that Cady came up with on her very own. It's a stand-in for penis. Since she created it, we've just gone with it. I didn't even think she knew the word penis, that is until her follow-up statement. No sooner had she announced to everyone that this cow has a peepo but she then says, "My daddy has a penis!"

Cady's done wonders on my "embarrasses easily" issues. I hardly bat an eye anymore.

I remember the first time that I heard the song, "Betty Davis Eyes" I just had to know what precocious meant. I remember asking my mom and then feeling equally confused by the time she was done explaining. I guess that not being very precocious myself I just couldn't wrap my brain around it's meaning. It amuses me that 30 years later I have been given a living example of the word.


Thought I'd take a picture of Jenny's morning ritual. Our heater is on a timer so Jenny crawls out of bed at the crack of dawn and waits....

and waits....


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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Oh wow! Emma and her parents came over tonight to decorate cookies. I'm so super-proud of Rob because I know he must have had to use so much constraint during this little session. Cady and Emma's version of decorating cookies was to empty all the bottles of sprinkles out onto the countertop and squeeze frosting out into giant clumps. Candies were rolling all over the kitchen. Tiny candy balls were sticking to our socks when we walked. It was an absolute sticky, gloopy mess and Rob rolled with it. I have a higher tolerance for temporary mess than Rob does and *I* was having a hard time controlling my own urges to not take all of the sprinkles out of their possession.
Not only did they decorate their hearts out, they naturally ate lots of icing and candy which turned into two really irritable toddlers who vacillated between hitting and hissing at each other to hugging, laughing and running around the house. It was true chaos at it's finest.
Letting Toddlers decorate without restrictions-one hour clean up-time (and likely several days of finding candy balls in odd places)
Dealing with sugared-up emotional and irritable toddlers for a full night-A few new knots in the shoulders
Memories of making cookies with friends and family and forgetting there was any chaos involved-Priceless


NOT a good day for elastic waistband

Today I had to make a quick trip to the Dr. to get my Rhogam shot. I prepped Cady that I would be getting a shot in my butt and she could hold my hand to help me feel better. I wore some sweat pants to make it easy for them to pull down my pants for the shot. We get to the exam room, the nurse pulls down my pants, injects me, and while she is slowly putting the syringe full of ouch into my bottom, Cady jumped up and held my hand. Very sweet (very painful too). The nurse was kind enough to give Cady her very own syringe so that she could administer injections to her babies at home.
After our appt she wanted to play in the waiting room play area. During that time, she kept pulling up my shirt to give the baby a shot. Okay, I wasn't thrilled to keep exposing my belly but it was the lesser of all evils yet to come. After a couple of minutes of this I announced to Cady that it was time to leave. Leaving meant walking from the play area at the back of the large waiting room to the door on the opposite end. This was right before lunch, the Dr.'s office was backed-up, and it was CROWDED. So walking out involved walking in front of a lot of people. Cady decides on the way out that I need a shot in my butt. So she grabs my sweats and tries to pull my pants down. I'm walking quickly trying to get out of there and Cady is behind me grabbing at my pants the entire time, pulling them down and YELLING (she was quite bent out of shape at this point that I wasn't playing along), "I need to shot your butt, I need to shot your butt, I need to shot your butt!" the entire way out. I'm sure it was a good show for those that were waiting. Why me?

Friday, December 12, 2008

28 week belly

This is what a 28 week (equals 6 months) belly looks like on a short-waisted person. Some days I feel sooo lucky to work with teens (sarcastic tone) because they love to tell me how big I am. In fact, one of my teen moms commented three different times yesterday on how "huge" I was. The last comment was, "Ms. Keenan, I feel sorry for you. You are so huge!" LOL. Teens and toddlers both seem to be missing a filter.

6 weeks

28 weeks

A Caroling We Went!

Last night we met up with about six other families up to do some Christmas Caroling at Little Sister's of the Poor...a nursing facility in our neighborhood. We weren't sure how Cady would do because it was somewhere different and potentially overwhelming...and it was smack in the middle of dinner time too.

We pulled up the facility and the first question out of her mouth was "where is Gigi's car?" She only knew at this point that we were going to visit some "Gigi's" (Cady's term for anyone who is around the same age as her very own Great Grandmother, AKA Gigi). We went into the facility and were greeted by a very outgoing and vivacious nun who Cady was pretty frightened of...even after she told Cady that she was a penguin and tried to play peek-a-boo with her through her ummmm nun-atire(insert correct word).

The kiddos were given cards that other kids in the group had made to pass out to the residents. Initially Cady stayed right with us and wanted nothing to do with the cards. Mid-way through the touring and singing she approached a resident with me and gave her a card (It's a really good thing Cady had already turned her back and started on her way and thus missed the woman shrieking "Joey!" and throwing her card on the floor.) As we moved through the facility, which was a huge multi-floor facility)Cady started to warm up. She naturally warms up to certain people and takes a liking to them right away and it was no different here. When she would spot the "right" person (always a woman) she'd trot right up to them with a card. She was really starting to enjoy all the singing and card giving and it warmed our hearts to watch her spread some cheer. By the end of the evening, she was walking alongside the activities director leading the pack, peering into rooms, and with the other kids gathering around the residents. One Gigi had M&M's that she shared with Cady which may have a little to do with her new-found comfort of the whole situation. And at the end of the nights there were cookies and apple juice. Oh boy!

Cady's favorite part? She said it was the cards that she gave to the residents.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A comparison

I need to find Rob's baby pics so I can do one of him and Cady.



Friday, December 5, 2008

Gender Neutrification..or not

We were going to start saving up for a new bedroom set for Cady but a friend of a friend of ours is going through a divorce and made us an offer we couldn't refuse. A trundle bed, practically new, for $100.00. I took Cady out to Target to buy some sheets and I was REALLY hoping that I could steer her toward something a little more gender neutral so that we can start making some head-way toward defeminizing her room for Coben's arrival. I must have had a screw loose, because anyone in their right mind who spends any amount of time with a two year old will know that there is no steering them toward an idea that isn't their own! This is a picture of her new big girl bed and the sheets that she just could not live without!

I did manage to talk her out of the princess bedspread. The Princess sheets are flannel so maybe by the time her birthday rolls around she can add a whole new bedset to her list since it'll be warming it's way up toward the need for non-flannel sheets. And just where do little girls get their princess obsessions? She hasn't even seen her first princess movie yet, but she has to have princess spaghettios, princess diapers and now add princess sheets to the list. Strange.

The new bed has made me into a nervous wreck. See how high off of the ground it is?? And no rails??? Ay-yi-yi. Rob's convinced that she'll be fine and that despite what I say she is not going to roll off and end up with a permanent spinal injury. But I suppose that she would have to actually sleep in her own bed all night long in order to increase the chance of that happening.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cady's Big Words

Frustrated is a pretty big word. It's a regular now. Cady informed me as we were parking in the Target parking lot yesterday that "most of the time daddy gets frustrated with me when I jump on the bed." And then there is "Actually" which she slips into most sentences these days. For example last night when I was re-tucking her back in bed.
Cady: "Mommy, I want to cuddle you in the morning."
Me: "I probably won't be here when you wake up tomorrow. I have to go to work so we can buy crumpets and butter (a phrase she came up with, although since Thanksgiving it is now crumpets, butter and stuffing) Daddy will take you to school and I'll pick you up and we'll do something fun like play with some playdough.
Cady: Actually mom, I like to make cookies. Sugar cookies with lots of sprinklers.

And the granddaddy of all big words. Preposterous. I used the word earlier in the day. That evening Rob and I were driving home from a friend's house. Cady was looking for the moon which was invisible due to the heavy clouds.
Cady: Where's the moon?
Me: It's hiding behind the clouds.
Cady: No, I think the sun ate the moon.
Me: That's just crazy.
Cady: No mom, it's proposperous

Pronunciation a little off...context,perfect!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Public Restrooms

Boy, there is no shortage of blog material when you have a Cady! Today at Target in the busy Public Restroom. We are in the stall and I'm trying to use the restroom and change Cady simultaneously. To put it bluntly, someone farts in the stall next to us.

Cady: (Eyes get really wide!) Mommy, was that her? (points to the stall next to us).

I nod my head trying to be quiet.

Cady: (not accepting this mode of communication says louder) Mommy! Was that she??(sticks her hand under the stall into the next stall making a pointing gesture).

Me: (mortified, wanting this conversation to go away but knowing Cady well enough that it will only get worse if I pretend not to hear her questions) whisper in her ear: Yes Cady.

Cady: (quite loud) Mommy! Why she farted?????

I decide to wait until the "she" next door to us leaves before we exit the stall.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Beer Breath

We just got home from Thanksgiving dinner. I'm putting Cady to bed and tell her to go give daddy a kiss. Cady walks up to Rob, plants one on him and pulls away quickly.
"Daddy, your beer stinks. You need some medicine for your breath." That's my girl!


Rob and Paula in the 1990's and Cady in the 60's.


The Keenan's in the 60's. Let's see you!!!




Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gender Sandwich

I was driving around with Cady today when I hear from the backseat...
"Mommy, what's for lunch today"
I asked her, "What would you like? I could make you a grilled cheese."
After a moment of contemplation she responds.
"Yes, I'd like a girled cheese and daddy wants a boy cheese."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snow Garb

We received a list of clothing that Cady needs for school. The list included snow pants, boots, waterproof gloves...all the things we didn't have. So today Rob and I both had the day off together AND Cady had school. This has never happened and what a treat to go shopping with just the two of us. It was a little difficult to get into the leisure mode as we both had the nagging feeling of "Isn't there somewhere we need to be" or "We'd better hurry and get out of here" but we found a rhythm and were able to buy Cady some new snow garb. Sophie I only wish you could see all the sparkles in her new scarf. You and Cady have a lot in common with your love of sparkles. We also shopped for Stocking Stuffers for Cady..what a Blast!!!! We absolutely cannot wait for Christmas. It's going to be so much fun this year. We also went to the furniture store to figure out how much we need to save up to get a bedroom set for Cady (big girl bed) and some new dressers for both. Afterwards we had lunch then we went to a really great gourmet deli and just walked around admiring all of the fun foods. It was a great day.
And I received great news via phone when we got home that I am anemic. Thank God!! I thought I was just getting really old since I am always out of breath, get fatigued raising my arms over my head, have been dizzy and am just plain tired. I'll just have to work on putting more iron in my diet.

Cady was running away from me while I was taking pics but here's the general idea.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenny and Fibi!

Jenny and Fibi had a Birthday party this Wednesday. It's not really their birthdays but Cady has been dying to attend a birthday party and seeing as how there aren't any birthdays coming up in the near future, we decided it was time for Jenny and Fibi to have one. We decided to do it on Wednesday because that is the day of the week that we watch Emma. Every party needs a party guest, right? So all week long Cady was looking forward to the party. It's all she talked about. She picked out the cake at the grocery store. Pink Cake! (Strawberry). She picked out some presents for each of them and helped me wrap them. Then came the big day and Cady was nearly coming out of her skin with excitement all day. Then we found out that our party guest Emma was sick with a fever. What to do?

Starin received a panicked call from me, "What are you doing tonight? Any chance that you and Lilly would be willing to attend Jenny and Fibi's birthday party?" and she came through. Let the party begin!

Cady decorated the cake. Rob brought home balloons. We had frozen pizzas. Cady opened presents for the cats. And we played Don't Spill the Beans. Who could ask for anything more?

Cady and Cousin Starin

Pretty in Pink Party Dress

We call this Pink Cake with Purple Icing and lots of "Sprinklers"


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's talk about poop

Ick! I'm not a fan of the "little potty" because you have to dump it and clean it. And if Cady gets a hold of it before I can get in there (she insists on shutting the door and everyone out) then I also have that to clean and the mess of her trying to clean it herself. This is just plain wrong for a woman who has pregnancy nose and stomach. Anyhow, I'm on the computer tonight and I hear the familiar shutting of the bathroom door. A moment later Cady runs out with the little bowl in her hands, plants it right under my nose and says, "Look mommy! I made a little snake!"

Sure enough it did look like a little snake, lol!


You Vegas folks made quite the impression on Cady. Two weeks later she is still asking to go on a trip because she "needs" to see her grandpa, Uncle Scott and Aunt Ra'Vaye. And she talks about the star of the trip, Baby Makenzie. I can't wait for them to have more time together in the future. Thankfully we will be visiting the other side of the family next month to satiate her new desire to fly (which let me tell you did not thill her AT ALL when we actually WERE flying).

We asked Starin if she would watch Cady last weekend while we attended a soup dinner in the neighborhood and of course she graciously agreed. We were only going to be gone for two hours but an ill-timed serving of the dinner made us an hour late..and Cady wasn't even close to being tired when we got home although it was an hour and a half past her bedtime. She had a blast with Starin and Lilly. And the finale of the evening was when Cady in her slap-happiness staring pulling down her pants and flashing her butt (this was a brand new trick that night) and saying, "look at my butt" and chuckling. Then out of the blue she pulls down her pants and says, "Kiss my butt, Daddy!" which I can PROMISE you she has never heard from us. Oh, the things she learns from her Cousin Starin, hehe. Just kidding Starin~

Monday, November 10, 2008

Does she get this from Rob or Me?? :)

The weirdness. Is that a Rob trait or a Paula trait? Or is it a little bit of both of us? Or to quote Cady's great Uncle, "If you have to ask, it must be you" lol. Here's her latest and greatest.

So it was nap time. I hear Cady yelling in her room (not a big deal as nap time usually just equals alone time so I usually hear some kind of noise) What I hear is, "Stop it! Leave me alone! Stop!" I try to ignore her thinking maybe she is just playing around but she continues yelling. Then she starts screaming. Ear-piercing screams over and over and I think, "I'd better go check." I walk into her room and she is laying in her bed with her feet in the air and the thin flimsy curtains behind her bed are covering her feet and she has them in her hands. She yells in all sersiousness when she sees me at her door, "The curtains are getting me mommy. Why my curtains getting me?"

Friday, November 7, 2008

By request

The origin of Coben Wade.
Rob liked the name Wade. It's his dad's middle name. So we decided to use it as the middle name. Now for the Coben part. Dare I admit this part?? We just couldn't come up with a name that we weren't ambivalent about. So, one night in bed, I told Rob to pick a number between 1 and 100. He picked, I don't know, let's say page 32. I opened the book read the names and there was Coben. Different, strong, and just plain nice (or we think so). And we BOTH liked it which doesn't happen to much in the name-picking process. I looked it up on the social security website and it's never been a top 500 name which is even better. And we both like nicknames and this one has so much potential. Cobe, Coby, Ben. So, we've been rolling it around for a little while, trying it out on the little guy, using it in sentences, letting Cady say it outloud...and we still like it. And this time you all found out as soon as we knew it was going to be THE name! Not too much different than the bathroom reader and highlight method that we used when choosing Cady's name!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We have a name...

Okay, so this time we decided not to keep it a secret. We can take the heat. We have decided to name Barley....

Coben Wade

Cady was playing with her little wooden people today. There are two adult figures and a little boy and a little girl. She told me that there was mommy, daddy, Cady and Coby. And the little Cady figure took really good care of the little Coby figure while we were playing. She played that the whole family snuggled up together in bed and that Cady and Coby went to playschool together. Coby was never on the outs the whole time we played. It was nice to see. Of course a little inanimate wooden object is no real-life screaming baby, but still....

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Potty

I've put a lot of faith in recent literature which suggests that you really don't have to do much when it comes to potty training. When a child is ready, they'll take the lead. I've watched all these other toddlers around us starting to use the potty and have had to bite my lip and tie my own hands down from trying to actively *do* something to start potty training Cady. Well, sure enough, she woke up the other day and started talking about using the potty "just like Bitzabella" (Isabella) her new *older* school friend. And that very day, she went into the bathroom, shut the door and proceeded to potty. The rest of the day she peed 100% of the time in the potty! The following day she graduated to poop and pee. Wow! Anyhow, she's doing great.

The reason I'm sharing this is 1) to reveal my pride in Cady taking the next step to being a big girl and 2) primarily because there's a cute story attached.

Cady's been watching Rob a little bit too much in the bathroom. Tonight after she peed, she got up off the toilet, pinched her girl parts together and started shaking them in front of the toilet. I could have died laughing!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

She amuses me

Okay, I don't know where she gets these ideas because I'm lucky if ANYTHING that I wear matches. This is our conversation though while in the living room this afternoon.

Cady: Mommy, you have blue pants, and a pink shirt.
Me: Yes, I sure do.
Cady: Mommy, what color are your boobies? (that's what she calls my bra and she asks this as she grabs my neckline and looks down my shirt). Mommy, you don't have pink boobies, you have white boobies.
Me: That's okay. White boobies are okay.
Cady: No mommy. You need to go to the store and buy some pink boobies for your pink shirt.
A pause
Cady: Daddy likes boobies.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pictures and ponderings

Cady was in the room during the ultrasound. She has been adamant about the baby being a girl. On the way to the clinic she said, "I want a girl, just like me." So, little Tate who is still on an anti-boy crusade was not pleasantly surprised with the announcement that she will be the big sister to a little boy. She is still convinced that we are wrong and it's a girl. Sigh.


It's unfortunate that we've used up so much garage space saving all of our favorite Cady outfits (buckets!) that will not be used again. At the same time it will be nice to finally start clearing up some space. It's a little overwhelming though thinking about starting a boy wardrobe from scratch! But at the same time probably a lot easier to limit ourselves to just a few pairs of blue jeans and t-shirts.

Why the heck did I buy hot pink curtains and other girly stuff? It might take a little while to figure out how to defeminize the room and make it a little more neutral for both. That's okay, I'll just recruit Starin to come over for a brainstorming session.

Trying to wrap my mind around having a boy. I wonder if this is a normal reaction after already having a child of the opposite sex? Girls just feel so familiar now.

The reality of it all! Even on a good day, when we finally have Cady to bed Rob and I usually just look at each other, sigh and say something like "Oh boy!" This is with ONE kid. "oh boy!"

Yikes! This means we can't keep delaying thinking about names. We now know that we are having a boy so we have to start thinking about boy names. Names are hard.

And now for the pictures...

The evidence that it's a little boy

Tell me if this picture wouldn't scare any mother?? (profile shots at 20 weeks are much cuter than straight on shots)

Not a bad picture even without all of his skin! I think he looks a bit like Rob here! The ultrasound techs were in playing around mode which is how we ended up with 3D's. They usually recommend the pictures further along when the baby looks a little less skeletonish and bumpy.


Friday, October 17, 2008


In just three days we'll know whether we have a Barley or an Olive in there! Three days...whoopee! Let's hope that s/he cooperates. I'll update with the news on Monday.
Oh, Barley and Olive are just stand-in names till we get the real ones. Don't want to cause anyone to panic! lol

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pregnancy Brain

Ahhh..the dreaded pregnancy brain. The same brain that, when I was pregnant with Cady caused me to put together an awesome presentation with a one day deadline and then forget to show up to the presentation to present (yes, it was in my calendar and I had even told the students that I was going to be presenting about 10 minutes before the presentation and then poof! it left my mind.) And caused me to tell a parent, "I'll be right with you", set my paper down, walk right past them and straight up to my office where I remembered the parent a whole hour later (fortunately, someone told them I was hung up w/ something and they left after 5 minutes)I'd insert blushing smiley faces if I had them.

So, yeah. It's back. Full-force. I just don't get it. If not for the validation of the many pregnant women I commiserate with, I'd really think I was losing my mind!


I was in line for breakfast at the Hyatt and two ladies asked me, "are you from here?" And I said, "No". Then, at least a whole two minutes later I realized what I said, and had to correct myself. "Yes, I'm from Denver, I'm sorry, I don't know why I said that!"

Tuesday morning I left for music class in my fuzzy slippers and probably would have gotten all the way there if Cady wasn't the one who pointed it out to me as we were getting in the car, "Mommy (chuckle chuckle), your shoes are silly!" Well, Thursday morning I left for work in the same pair of slippers. A really nice dressy outfit and the scuzziest pink slipppers you've ever seen. Thanks goodness it was wet out because I was able to catch it this time as soon as I headed up the driveway.

A couple of weeks ago (granted I had the flu the entire week so that probably played into this one) I laid on the couch with a banana that I was intending to eat for lunch. I picked it up and tried to use it as a remote to change channels. No sooner had I finished laughing at myself when the phone rang and I tried to answer the banana.

Last week I told my intern that I was taking her to meet our school nurse. I walked down the hall with her, passed the nurses office, and realized I had absolutely no recollection of where I told her we were going. I finally just stopped and had to admit it out loud and she then reminded me that we were going to the nurses office which was "way back there"

These are just the big ones. This blog entry might take up the whole page if I actually listed out all of the little ones such as forgetting what I'm talking about mid-conversation, putting random things that don't belong in the fridge into the fridge, losing things, using the wrong words when speaking or writing, spelling errors, etc...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

If you leave your camera laying around...

You might find this when you upload your pictures....

Monday, October 6, 2008

You are my Sunshine

By request for Sophie!

Older Mom Testing

I opted for the sequential screening (two series of bloodwork and an NT ultrasound)
The ultrasound was done about 6 weeks ago along with the first blood test. When I went for my appointment a couple of weeks ago and asked how the first round went, the Dr. told me that they will not read anything independent, that it has to be read as a whole after the second blood test is done. (That didn't sound right so I looked it up and sure enough, it all has to be done together). I asked her if they had found anything totally abnormal on the ultrasound if they would share that with me before the second series of bloodwork, but she just said again "these tests cannot be run independently" so I had my second series drawn last week and have been waiting (6 weeks total now)....today I got the call. Everything was negative. I show no markers for an elevated risk of downs, Trisomy 18, or other neural tube defects. Woohoo! It's not a guarantee, as only amnio or CVT are going to tell me "for sure" but it's a big relief.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An update on school

Things couldn't be going better. She talks about going to playschool all the time. Even on my days off!! Of course on the way to school she goes through her list, "I no don't like school. I no like Ms. Mira. I no like Isabella (her friend) but then she gets there and quickly brushes Rob off as she runs off to play.

Last night Cady talked again about the "other teacher" from the other center that she says was mean and scary. She said last night that the teacher hits kids. Rob asked if the teacher hit her and she said no, just Kelso. Huh.

And I had to file a claim against them because their check was returned and they still haven't paid me back the money that they "mistakenly" withdrew from my account nor have they responded to my written request asking them to correct the situation. Fun!

But hey, Cady loves school!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The return of the boogers!

Following a cold, there is never a shortage of booger stories.

Cady used to have no problem blowing her nose or disposing of her boogers somewhere other than her mouth...that is until recently. It's so gross! I was really proud of her when I was getting her out of the car for music class because she said, "here's a booger mom" of course I had nowhere to put it and had the brilliant idea to wipe it onto he bottom of her shoe. The rest will come later.

So now cut to music class. We are in the group circle singing the Hello song. Each kid gets a hello to them. I don't even see her digging in her nose, except when it's time for the group to sing "Hello to Cady" Cady puts her finger up in the air with a booger on it and yells, "Here mom!" That gets a chuckle from the group. I leave the circle to cut across the room to get a kleenex. So I'm across the group from Cady. She sees me grab a kleenex and I kid you not, she YELLS across the singing group, "I already ate it all up mommy! I ate it up!" [+o(]

So now music class is over and we are leaving. It's time to put on our shoes. We are sitting in a pile with all the other moms and toddlers putting on their shoes when Cady announces, "I'm looking for my booger mom! Where's my booger" while inspecting the bottom of her shoe. Man, talk about embarrassing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Today at Target...

Cady and I were walking through the store. Her big treat when we go to Target is that it is the only store that she is allowed to walk through and doesn't have to be confined to a cart. That doesn't come without a price. So, whenever we go to Target, we first pass the purses. Cady usually spends time trying to pick one out for me. "How about this big red purse mom? You need a red purse? Mommy! A purple purse? You want a purse mommy?" After purses comes the lingerie section. She gets really excited everytime we pass through the lingerie section. Today was no exception.
So, this all happens in slow-mo in front of me. Just as I see Cady dart into the bra section, I spot a lone man coming our way. I braced myself and cringed at the same time hoping that he either walks fast enough or slow enough to not be present when Cady pops back out. But no. Sure enough, right as this lone man is crossing our path Cady pops out and yells in her very excited and loud Cady voice, "Mommy!!! You want orange boobies??" (referring to an orange bra she spotted). I think the man that was crossing our path was more embarrassed than me as I could tell he had no idea what to do with his eyes as he passed. lol.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So, I don't remember what we were doing but there was a perfect opportunity presented to me the other day to explain to Cady about the whole nursing a baby thing. I don't want her to be shocked when the baby is born. She was very attentive and cute about it and didn't seem at all surprised by the idea.

So tonight at dinner, Cady takes a big swig of milk, looks at Rob and me in all seriousness and says, "I have milk in my boobies too now mama!!" Sweet!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey Cady, let's get ready to go!

And this is what she chose as her "going to meet up with a friend at McDonald's Playplace" outfit!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

In the words of Cady

Yes, she had a huge freak-out, melt-down when she got to school this morning. But it was over quickly and she looked happy as a clam when I picked her up. As I was driving her home this afternoon, I hear from the back seat, totally unprompted, "That's a good school, mama!" I think I'm still smiling.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day at the new school

Today was Cady's first day at her new "school". Otherwise referred to as "going to Ms. Mira's house." I called the house at around 8 not realizing that Rob had already tried to call me twice. When he answered he said, "Help me!" Apparently as soon as Cady realized she was going to school she once again went into full melt-down mode. They were in the car driving to Ms. Miras when I called (at least this time he was able to get her IN the car!) Rob put her on the phone and I gave her the "suck it up" speech and told her she was going to be fine, mom would pick her up at 4 and we'd get ice cream together. She seemed a little calmer. Rob said when they got to the house Cady was quite upset, but Ms. Mira whisked her onto the couch and started reading her a book. Rob snuck out.
I picked her up this afternoon and she looked good. I don't think I can ever erase the image of how she looked that first day I picked her up at the other place. She looked nothing like that. Ms. Mira gave me a notebook full of information about her day and a stack of Cady's artwork. Cady played around in the yard while we talked and gave no indication whatsoever that she was ready to leave. Ms. Mira said that Cady cried for pretty much the first two hours and asked for her "sweet mama" but with distractions she did okay. The rest of the day was much better. She even took a short nap.
I took Cady to "Donalds" as promised and we had an ice cream cone. At the last place she refused to tell me about anything she did during the day...the only thing she would say is "No school" or "school scary". But this time she proceeded to tell me about her day. I found out through her Cady chatter that they sang the "Happy Birthday song", they colored with markers, they watered the garden, they picked tomatoes and they played. She said her favorite thing about the day was when Dylan (11 months) slid down the slide all by himself. She said Ms. Mira was "nice" and school was "very fun". I won't be surprised if she still cries the next time she has to go but that is normal. What wasn't normal was the dread and the constant concern about not going back. She is showing absolutely no anxiety about going back or during our conversations about school. So, today I feel like the luckiest person in the world because 1) we explored back-up options and had the option to change her schools (usually wait lists are amazingly long) 2) We were able to find coverage for the interim 3) We had the resources to change. I can't imagine if we didn't which many parents don't...and how hard that must be to not be able to do what is right in your heart because you are limited by your resources (or lack of) 4) Because I have a really great husband who puts family first. The new place is the total opposite direction or Rob's work which has him driving even longer to get to work and going in later..but he's willing to do it for our Cady girl.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I told her....

to go pick out some jammies for bed. When I went into her bedroom, this is what I saw!