Friday, December 28, 2007


This was in our hotel room in Vegas. Excuse the jammies. Those were last year's Christmas Jammies! Initially Cady is making a pony tail in my hair and then she gets into the words.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Criss-miss, Tanta, and Peasants...oh my!

Getting ready to go to Christmas Eve Church service. Boy that was fun! Don't expect a toddler who didn't eat her dinner (or whose parents aren't bright enough to pack snacks) to sit through communion without YELLING. "Bread!! More bread!!! Juice Juice Juice!"

Christmas Eve we have a tradition of opening one gift...Pajamas or Jommies if you are Cady. That's so we can wear them to bed and then wear them ALL day on Christmas! Nothing better than hanging out in Christmas Jommies. The following pictures are of us in our Christmas Jommies.

This was NOT in the forecast. How wonderful to wake up to Chritmas snow! I could see it falling outside of our window, but I never expected to see this when I looked outside!! It snowed the entire day which made it feel so Christmassy!

Cady woke up around 8 and ventured into the living room. She was shocked and somewhat overwhelmed to see a horsey sitting in her living room! A little freaked out, she skirted past the horse and immediately went over to her kitchen set to start playing. Our very favorite part of this set is that it has a little sink so that Cady can pretend to wash her hands. I gave her an empty bottle of hand soap and she can't get enough. Lately she has been driving us CRAZY with wanting to wash her hands ALL THE TIME. We are so glad that she can now pretend all she wants.

When she opened up her pans she was so excited and then the playing REALLY began. Mimi got Cady her own personalized set of kitchen tools which thrilled Cady. Probably because I am inclined to use wooden spoons more than the average person, Cady spotted the wooden fork, seized it from the pack, yelled "FORK!" and RAN to her kitchen set. It seemed to be EXACTLY what she needed to finish her masterpiece. She was also thrilled with the whisk since she was able to help me make cake the other day and that involved stirring with a whisk. In no time at all she'll be in the kitchen baking cakes with Aunt Sophie. Rob and I don't think we've actually ever seen Cady concentrate this long on one toy! Woohoo!!

Cady got a kick out of her other gifts as well. Her great Aunt Sophie and Uncle Chris got her a myriad of stuffed animals. I'm not sure she knew what to make of the octopus but elephants are VERY exciting in Cadyland! They also sent her a very fun book that we can't wait to read together. Her other grandmother sent her an electronic Winnie-the-Pooh book set and Grampy sent her some money. Initially Cady was very excited thinking of all the Elmo shwag she could buy with that money but we had to break the bad news that it was going into her bank account. Poor Cady.

And then there is Cady's newly beloved "Hosee" I'm not over the nearly having a heartattack stage watching her try to get on and off of it all by herself. She's fallen a couple of times but since she has lived to tell about it I suppose I ought to relax.

And finally we had our annual Christmas Dinner with the Pfeiffers which we always look forward to. It's really nice to spend at least a part of the day with family and it's doubly nice to be treated to a great meal while spending that time together. Tim cooks a mean Prime Rib.

Return of bed head!

Front View...Not too bad. Just a crooked pony tail

Side View. Starting to suspect that hair is having some issues.

And then the back. YIKES!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cady met Santa and Mrs. Claus

Today went to a place called St. Nicks. It's a giant store full of nothing but ornaments, lights, stockings, etc...

In the back of the store is a cottage. You go into the cottage and meet Mrs. Claus. While you are waiting to see Santa, the kids get to hang out with Mrs. Claus who is the NICEST woman in the world and TOTALLY knows how to engage kids. She knew all the good tricks and within minutes she had Cady in her arms and Cady was babbling away to her. She also got to color with Mrs. Claus at a little table and play her piano. There was a Christmas movie on and lots of Christmas books. They bake fresh chocolate chip cookies too. So by the time it was time to see Santa, Mrs. Claus carried her in to Santa's room and she sat down with Cady on the couch next to Santa and NO PROBLEM! Woohoo! All the other Santas have gotten from Cady is a high five b/c she has been too freaked out.

Oh, right before we went in, Rob says he has to go the bathroom and ducked into the bathroom. Cady announced to the entire room in her loud Cady voice while Mrs. Claus was holding her that "Daddy's in the Poddy" Fun!

Here's the picture. She had a bad hair thing going on so there were a couple of pictures that were better as far as she was looking straight at the camera and smiling but she had a big chunk of hair popping out of the side of her head (you can kind of see it in this one) so we didn't choose those.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Peepee in the potty

Cady has a potty chair but the only use that it gets is as a step stool to brush her teeth. Which is fine because she is young and we are waiting until she is showing signs that she is ready to start training. Supposedly there are five signs of readiness. In theory, if you start training before they show signs of readiness then it can take a LOT longer and be a much bigger struggle than starting a kid who has reached that developmental milestone. The signs of readiness are:
1. Takes Off Own Clothes
2. Talks about Using the Potty
3. Does a Potty Dance?
4. Shows an Interest in the Bathroom or Toilet
5. Stays Dry Overnight & During Naps
So, up until recently Cady has been unable to take off her own clothes. She does not talk about using the potty. If I casually mention to her, "would you like to try and use the potty?" she quickly says, "NO!" and it's the end of the discussion. The only potty dance she does is a little bend and grunt when she is...well, you that hardly qualifies as a dance. She has been showing an interest for quite a long time. Not necessarily in *her* toilet but in everything about *me* using the toilet. If she sees me heading the direction of the bathroom, she absolutely lights up and says "mommy peepee!" and runs after me. And usually a very sarcastic sounding "yay!" is silently echoing in my head. Once in there she has to get toilet paper ready for me and then she drops it between my legs. Sometimes she has to cock her head and look down there to see what is going on? If this sounds like too much information, all I can say is, "yeah, tell me about it!" Then Cady has to flush the toilet and say, "bye-bye pee pee!" So, my point is that #4 on the list is well covered. #5 is not even close.
So, this weekend we were in Vegas (that's another blog) and I brought Cady to my friend Diane's house so that I could visit with her and my other friend Angela who I haven't seen in two years (pre-Cady). Right as dinner is about to be served Cady drops drawers and says "Poo-poo on the potty". My jaw drops because not only did I not realize that she can take her pants down but she has never even hinted at wanting to use the potty. So I take her in, she straddles the big potty, tears off toilet paper, drops it between her legs and we flush. I didn't really expect her to go so it went just as expected. I diaper her back up and get ready to eat and what does she say, "Poo poo in the potty" YES!! Now it's a game!! Sweet!! I leave the table knowing full well we are going to repeat what we just finished doing and sure enough!!
Oh well, she IS role-playing which is a positive sign. The kid has timing though!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wanna know who Cady REALLY likes?

Cady!! Or Tady!
***Excuse my comment of "Who taught you that?" when Cady points out the blue star. That was a duh moment since as I rewatched the video I noticed that I had just showed her a blue star moments before. Drrrr.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving, part 2

We are so lucky! We not only had one great Thanksgiving but two! The day following Thanksgiving we went over to Alicja's friend John's beaaaaautiful house to join Alicja, her daughter Basia and Basia's boyfriend for dinner. We had never met John but but he was a really warm and welcoming person.
While waiting for dinner, Cady devoured the Brie and peanuts. Of course she likes the expensive cheese, right? Rob and I couldn't keep the Brie going fast enough and both of us were feeling really conscious of the fact that our 18 month old was eating about 10.00 worth of cheese and by withholding the cheese we would be inviting a full-fledged melt-down! Cady's voracious appetite for cheese indicated that it was time for dinner so we all sat down to a REALLY delicious dinner of something Alicja called Dill Pickle soup that was really quite yummy. The soup was followed by Smoked Duck with Orange Sauce which was amazing. Rob and I were both prepared to do a polite sampling but ended up devouring our portions. The duck was followed by a smoked turkey, sausage stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and a giblet gravy that Rob passed on and I probably should have. I didn't realize until it was all over my turkey that I was eating giblets. I have to admit that it was really good, yet once I discovered that the big chewy chunks were giblets I couldn't continue to eat it. I know that is dumb, but once it was in my head I couldn't get it out.
Mid-way through dinner I had to leave the table to take care of Cady who decided that she wanted to explore the non-child-proofed house. She also decided early on that Alicja was somewhere up on a pedestal and Rob and I were ranking right around the level of chopped liver. Nearly the whole dinner, every moment that Alicja would get up from the table to grab something from the kitchen, Cady would call for her. She also decided that she would ignore every request that I made which is sooo not her! So as Cady is exploring the house she is not only not listening to me, but she is pushing pretty much every one of my buttons that she possibly can. So as she is exploring the house and pushing my buttons she manages to try and grab for some breakable items on a glass shelf. In my effort to stop her from grabbing the items, I knock the shelf over and the glass items are about to fall onto the glass shelf below. I'm holding this glass shelf with one hand trying to balance the items so they don't fall off and with the other hand I'm holding Cady back who is still trying to grab the breakables, so I have to yell for Rob, who is eating, to come help which of course attracts the attention of the whole table who are now watching me try to balance this shelf without breaking anything. Classy! Cady is bored by all of this and goes to sit on Alicja's lap. I take my place back at the table to find an empty plate. Rob was *helping* me by eating what was left. In fairness, he didn't realize that I wasn't done and that I had only left the table to chase after Cady, but what a bummer to come back to an empty plate!
It was really a nice night all-in-all. It was a nice change to have a family style Thanksgiving sitting at a table rather than the usual buffet-style-balance-the-plate- in-your-lap style Thanksgiving that we have every year. Although it's a little tough to be totally dismissed by Cady when Alicja is around, it's also incredibly reassuring to know that Cady is with someone five days out of the week that she loves and that loves her back.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Best Thankgiving Ever!

We had one of the best Thanksgivings that I can remember! We had two other couples over that we both really get along with in every way. They also brought their kids, so Cady's two best friends were there as well. One of them is 3 weeks older than Cady and the other is 3 months older but they all get along so well. They ran through the house all night chasing each other, squealing, pushing each other around in the stroller, playing with toys. I found myself with the hugest grin plastered on my face most of the night. I'd have to say that Cady absolutely loved Thanksgiving. She and the other kids, could care less about the food though. I think that painting our house with cranberries was the only thing the food was good for in their eyes. It was absolute chaos the entire night. I've never been good with a lot of noise and chaos but this is different. There was a moment when I raised my glass and toasted to the chaos. At that point all of us parents were like "yikes, this is mighty stimulating here" and by toasting to it and our fortune to have such wonderful chaos in our lives, well, I think it reframed it for all of us. This is good chaos and memories in the making!

Look how grown up she looks in these pictures we took last night on our way to PetSmart!!

Jerimy, the Tickle-Monster!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Santa, Take 1!

My friend and I went to the mall this morning with the kids. We passed Santa and noticed that he had NOBODY in line so we took the kids up. As soon as I approached Santa, she yelled "No no no no no" and clung on to me for dear life. The Santa was SUPER cool. He didn't push himself on her and was really great. He tried to get her to do a high five, pulled out the HO-HO-HO and asked her if she wanted to touch his beard. She wasn't having it. My friend suggested that she let her kid (one week older than Cady) in his lap and then Cady might do it. Well, he did the same thing as Cady did. Santa made some head-way by giving Cady a candy cane pencil and eraser which she wanted so bad that she was willing to go up to him, take it and say thank you and bye bye. He said to bring her by everytime we go to the mall and he'll walk up to the gate if he's not super-busy and let her see him so that he starts to become a familiar person to her.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Don't you have somewhere you have to be?

So, in the morning I bathe, dress, and feed Cady and brush her teeth before her nanny, Alicja, shows up. Today Alicja shows up. Before I leave I shut the bathroom door so Cady doesn't play in there. Cady follows me (as does Alicja) gets on her stepstool and grabs her toothbrush. I forgot to brush her teeth.

Cady used to like when I brushed her teeth, up until last month. But we started her on a star chart and so now she loves to have her teeth brushed b/c she loves picking a star at the end. She LOVES it, okay? So, I grab her toothbrush and go to brush her teeth and she SCREAMS, grabs her brush from me and starts yelling, "No, no, no, no, no, no!" I take it back, tell her it's important to brush her teeth and that she'll get a star. She clenches her mouth, grabs her brush and SCREAMS, "NO!!" Then she looks at Alicja (who of course is witnessing all of this) and then she looks at me, makes the sign for work and YELLS, "Mommy go work!" I leave the bathrooom to grab my purse (and to conceal laughter b/c I've just been dismissed by a toddler). I come back to give her a kiss goodbye and who is standing happily at the sink having her teeth brushed by Alicja. Oh yeah! I am so glad she loves her nanny and wants to spend time with her, but man, it burns just a little to be dismissed by an 18 month old. I didn't think this happened till adolescence!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In the news...

It's been 10 days but I think I'm out of blog fuel. What can I say?
Cady is back to calling her daddy, "Rob"
She has a crazy dance that involves, spinning, jumping, bopping and hair wagging.
After a LOT of practice and determination she has learned to jump
She is absolutely into books. It's her favorite thing to do and storytime is a constant request.
She's talking in sentences.
She wears our shoes and walks around

She's being VERY bossy. She tells us when to stop singing. She patrols the kids in music class and thinks that she is in charge of clean-up time.
She's singing. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is her favorite.
She climbs and climbs and climbs.
She is a hoot the last hour before bedtime when she just loves to tickle, roughhouse and give hugs and kisses.
She goes down the slide all by herself, which is a big achievement in her eyes.
Oh, and she still gets crazy bed head!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Going for a walk...

Me and Daddy took Dolly for a stroller ride down to the lake.

I had to stop on the way to pick some dandelions out of the neighbors yard.
Then I had to blow them

My daddy took me down the slide

And I gave him a big hug because I lived to tell about it!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cady the Cat Wrangler....

First of all, what is with the crazy behavior when there is a phone call? The phone rang, it was Stacy and I sat on the couch to talk. Immediately, Cady climbed onto the end of the couch, put her face in mine and said "Hi, hi, hi" and kissed me twice. She then proceeded to jump on the couch (standing on it is a no-no) and twirl in circles until she nearly fell off. from dizziness, squealing the entire time.

Also during the phone call, she took it upon herself to discipline our cat Fibi. Our cats are not allowed on countertops but they often are. I guess that Cady has seen us, maybe one too many times, say "no" and remove the cat from the counter. While I was on the phone, the cat was on the coffee table, which is not off limits, and Cady went over and said "No" and grabbed the cat and nearly body slammed her off the coffee table. I told Cady, that is not nice and she said. "Sorry Fibi, Sorry Fibi, Sorry Fibi". At least she knows how to apologize but I'm sure the cat would be much happier not having been body slammed in the first place.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

If your mom says you cannot get into the Halloween Candy...

Then just wait for her to turn her back!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Last year at this time And this year at the same place,*sigh*

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Look what came in the mail!

Thanks Aunt Sophie...these are absolutely hilarious and quite appropriate!! The sweater is beautiful as well, I can't wait till she is able to wear it!

I put the slippers on Cady while she was in her high chair so she couldn't see them until I got her out. When I did get her out, she looked down at her feet and just sarted giggling. She's had them on for the past four hours now! She loves them.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh Poop!!!

I'm just posting this, but I wrote it a couple of days ago, thus the old baseball reference:

This morning started out rough. I stayed up waaaaaay too late watching the Rockies sweep their way into the World Series. As a result, I didn't wake up as early as I usually do and had to kick it into high gear to get ready on time. Isn't it the case that anytime you are racing the clock, something unexpected happens?

Cady and I took a shower together as we do every morning and then I let her run around diaperless in her robe for a few minutes while I dried my hair. This morning though she came up to me and I thought she was saying poop. She had this brown stuff on her lips. I PRAY that it was not poop. I had also given her an old tube of lipstick where i had taken the lipstick out (brownish color) but if you put your finger in there you can get some remnants. And she was playing with it prior to this situation. I wiped her mouth and I swear that it didn't look poop brown. That's what I really hope anyhow. So, I hear her say "poop" again but wasn't quite sure so after wiping her mouth I think we are done. Then I smell something. I should mention at this point that not only am I potentially running late but this is the first day the entire school year that it is CRUCIAL that I be on time because I am facilitating a threat assessment on a student and will have ten professionals waiting on me if I'm late.
So, after she says poop the second time, I pull up her robe only to discover that it is caked with poop as she is. She has poop smeared from her back down to her ankles. Cleaning her up took a fair amount of time. When it's all smeared like that, it's quite a process.

After I cleaned her up she said, "poop" again and pulled me by the robe into the bedroom where there was a pile of poop. I mean a PILE. And I'm just not good with picking up poop. A dipaer is one thing but picking it up off the floor is another thing entirely. I immediately ran to find my magazine to find some of those subscription cards that magazines are usually full of. Can't find ANY! But I could find some semistiff perfume inserts that could do the trick. I do a little scoop trick and flush it down the toilet. Cady waves and says, "bye-bye see you" as she watches it go down. I can assure you that I will not be letting her run around diaperless anymore and more importantly I am going to continue believing that it was lipstick on her lips and around her mouth!!

Check her out in her ultra-cute robe!

And a bonus pick for Mimi who bought Cady this cute outfit!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cady being Cady

Just some pics today guys b/c I know I have not been good keeping up on the blog. These are just pics of Cady being Cady. Bathtime and after getting hold of a marker this morning!