Monday, June 30, 2008

8 month is nearly an eternity...if you are two!

I was reading Cady a book before bed tonight. I shut the book and Cady says:

"I think we need to go to the store"

I respond with, "You think we need to go to the store, huh? For what?"

And what I was expecting was what she has told me every single day since Rob's birthday. That we need to go to the store because daddy wants cake.

Instead she says:

"To get a baby."

I respond, "The baby is at the store?"

And she wrinkles up her brow all serious like and I can tell she is really thinking this one through. She says, "Yeah, I'm thinking the baby is at the store."

Oh the poor kid. I think we told her waaaaay too early (but the video wouldn't have been the same with me wearing a big mama shirt telling you all I'm pregnant, right?)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

::::::::Choose One::::::::::

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This ones for you Gigi!

Cady just found a stack of pictures. One of those pictures was a picture of Gigi from the Denver trip after Cady was born. Cady said, "this is Gigi, it's Gigi" paused and said, "I luff (love) Gigi" and kissed the picture.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Strangest Compliment Ever?

Cady and I just had breakfast together. While we were eating I sneezed.

Cady said-"Bless you mommy"

to which I said, "Thank you Cady."

A moment passes

Cady's response--"That was a ruuullllle (real) pretty sneeze mommy!"

Where do they come up with these things?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Now Entering....The Embarrassment Phase!!

All within a couple of days!

Yesterday. We were waiting to go down the aisle at Target but two people had their carts blocking the aisle. So, I decided to wait patiently until someone looked up and I'd say "excuse me" but NOOOooooo. Cady hollers with her hands up in the air, "C'mon people!" And yes, she did get that from me. We have weekend park traffic and it's hard to make a left hand turn out of my street so sometimes she'll hear me mutter, "c'mon people" if it takes too long. The woman that actually heard it just kind of snickered at me (good-naturedly).

Tonight. We stopped off for some BBQ after music class. Keep in mind that the restaurant we went to is decent sized AND there is baseketball on AND there are several loud conversations. (Starin and Mimi, you know where). But Cady, in case you haven't read this before or been around her, is a REALLY loud kid. Well, she farts. And she puts her hands over her head, standing up in the booth and hollers, "woo-hoo! I farted". So, I'm thinking, "that was loud, but nobody probably has any idea what she said" A moment later it happens again in her loud Cady voice, "Woohoo, I farted!" Rob says, "What do you say Cady" to which Cady responds again in her very loud and excited voice "I did two farteds!" The woman who was across the restaurant ordering at the counter when this first started, passes by our table laughing and says, "really, I'm trying very hard not to laugh". Oh my! I have the feeling that the fun has only just begun!

Monday, June 2, 2008

What she's doing now

Where to start?

She's a chatterbox. But she did come out that way so it's not really a surprise.

She sings. Often and loud. Especially in the back seat of the car. It's beautiful.

She contradicts everything. If we tell her we want to change her diaper because she is wet, she reaches down, feels her crotch and says, "no, it's dry". If we say that it is dry she says she's wet. And then there is the wet/dry game that nobody wins. We go to change her because she says she is wet and as soon as the tape comes undone she says she is dry and tries to put it back on. We let her do it and then when it's back on she says, "no, it's wet."

She has taken to calling Rob, "Rob" and me "P" (since that is what she hears Rob call me) but ONLY when she needs something. So, usually it's "mommy, I see a bus" and if I don't tune in right away, she says, "Hey P!" And it works! Something about a 2 year old calling you by your first name (or a version of it) gets you looking. So of course since we totally reinforce it, it has stuck.

We went to a community bbq the other day. The firemen were there with their truck and hose. Cady was fascinated. That is until they had to leave on a call which meant honking and turning on their siren which resulted in her about peeling the skin off of Rob's back as she tried to crawl through him to hide. They came back to judge desserts and ended up turning on their hoses and dousing most everyone and everything (including the gas grills, hamburgers, and other food). They pointed the hoses way up in the air and floods of water came pouring down. This FREAKED CADY OUT! She wanted out of there and quickly. She's a bit of a weenie about these things. Kind of like her mom who used to hide under the bench at fireworks shows. Anyhow, Cady HATED it, yet we got home and it's all she could talk about. Even after I put her to bed, she called me back in after about 1/2 hour and gave me a play-by-play of the firemen, their hoses and their big truck. Listening to her story seemed to satisfy her and she finally fell asleep. The next morning she woke up and the first words out of her mouth was an excited stream of statements about the firemen, their water and the big trucks.

She is still picking her nose in the car and hollering to Rob when she needs him to get one of her boogers that she picked. Rob says I need to toughen up on that one because I am thoroughly grossed out everytime he picks up one of those things bare-handed.

She is working on not biting her nails. She has bitten her nails since infancy and people told me that she was too young to really be a nail-biter and she would grow out of the phase. Well, here we are a year-and-a-half later and she is still an incessant biter. Well, thank goodness I have a girly-girl because I found what works. She loves having her toenails painted so I offered to paint her fingernails IF they get long enough to paint. She is trying very hard not to bite. In fact she started crying this morning in my car on the way to the park because her nails were not getting long because she had just bitten one. She'll get there.

Speaking of biting. I don't get this one at all. Sometimes she'll cry out in the back seat. Rob turns around and Rob says, "Cady, stop biting yourself!" This happens too frequently.

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