Friday, January 29, 2010

More Tidtbits

I've been wanting to update..but when? At this very moment I have a sleeping baby in my lap who wakes and cries the second I lay him down. I'm trapped! This seems like a great time to update.

Bobo is standing on his own. He's not walking yet. But soon. Watch. He isn't saying too much yet. He's still limited to "mama" and he said "dada" the other day. He tries to say Dog. He LOVES Wall-E. Those two have a great relationship. Wall-E lets him do anything to him. And that's because Coben his food dealer. Always be nice to your food dealer.

Wall-E. Oh man. We love him. He's our family. But there are days... He's smart. He has a mind of his own. And he usually asserts his intelligence at the worst possible times. I could write a book about is shenanigans...but I won't. Hopefully time will help us out.

Cady-isms. Today, for the umpteenth time I tried to put Coben in Cady's car seat. We've had a week of bad nights and no sleep. So Cady says, "Mom, you're putting Coben in my seat. Why are you doing that?" and I respond, "Cady, my brain is very tired." and she says, "You need to play my Memory game mom and I think you should start tonight." I think she is right.

Baths are a luxury. I can't and shouldn't complain because I haven't set the best limits with the kids. Most of the time I end up with either one or both in the bath with me as soon as they hear the water running. There was one night a couple of months ago when I was just done. I was exhausted and tense and I announced to Rob, "I am going to sneak into the bath and read a book." Within minutes Cady is in the bathroom with her clothes off and climbing in the tub and seconds later my book was drenched, I had a dinosaur wedged under my butt, and I was being informed by a three year old that I was taking up too much room. I hadn't really tried again since then until last night. I actually got into the bath, ran the water and got into a nice reclining position before Cady barged in. She looked at me wide-eyed and actually gasped, "Mom! What are you doing in that bathtub all by yourself?" I love it that she actually thought that I was lonely in there without company. I assured her that it was completely unneccessary for her to get in and that I would be bathing solo by choice. Score one for mom, kind of. Unfortunately a certain husband of mine had taken an evening shower and used up all the hot water so it was only a small victory as my tepid water was cold before I could turn the first page of my book. Next time.

Cady is enrolled at another school for next year. No worm school for her. We had to go with the cheaper option that fit best with our schedules. She's been on the waiting list for two years and I think it will be another great fit. The hours are extended so that the days that we work she can stay as long as we need her to, and the days that I don't work I can just take her for the preschool portion of the day rather than leave her all day. Coben? Who knows. I'm in the same predicament that I'm in every year about this time. I have to set up child care options when I'm in the dark about my own position. When the economy takes a dive like it has and when education is faced with huge cuts there are two places that you do not want to be 1) school support 2) discretionary position. I'm both so we'll see. I don't *think* that cuts will eliminate my position as a social worker in the district, it would just alter where I end up.

I appreciate the comments that you all leave. I just published two of them that had been sitting in my SPAM folder. Starin informed me of this at Boot Camp. I only see Starin at Boot Camp once a week so it's turned into our catching up time. It's when she informs me of things like having unpublished comments and I fill her in on what the damn dog has been doing. We have both had "conferences" with our boot camp trainer telling us that we are not very good together. I believe that she told Starin that I'm a "chatterbox" and she told me that I work out twice as hard when I'm alone. We've pleaded our case (mine being that it's my ONLY social activity)and I think that we're improving our ability to multi-task and do both well.

And because it's after midnight, that's all she wrote.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Weeeeee! Here we go!!!!!

Cady was doing something not so nice to Coben and I asked her to be nice. She yells, "I don't even like him! I wanted you to have a girl!" Oh boy.