Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm due March 6, my other friend is due March 7, and another friend is due March 9. We all have mutual friends so this morning they had a brunch for us.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Rob decides to take Cady to the park. She climbs up onto the play structure. It's 7' high with a big pole they can slide down.(Penny and Starin, you know the spot!) Normally Cady yells at one of us to catch her. A couple of times she has caught us by surprise but we've been close enough to catch her. Today? Today, Rob is talking to another dad while she is playing. She doesn't tell him that she is going to jump. He's not even anywhere close to where she is at. She just decides that today she is going to make a 7' jump down BY HERSELF. Success! She lands on her feet and no broken bones. She startled herself and Rob said there were a few tears b/c she had and instant group of adults and kids running over to see if she was okay. Rob said all the big kids at the park were surrounding her Oooing and Awwwwing and saying things like "I wouldn't even jump from there" so unfortunately she got lots of positive reactions (great!) I'm soooooo glad I was not there! I might have gone into labor watching something like that!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cady calls out the crop-duster

The three of us went grocery shopping late this afternoon and ran into a cloud of stench. It seems as though one member of the couple ahead of us was crop-dusting (that's the term for passing gas, continuing to walk and leaving a trail of stench). When we initially walked into it, I made a comment like "Oh wow Rob, tell me that wasn't you!" to which Cady yells and no doubt the couple can hear her, "Ohhhhhh! Somebody farted. Daddy farted! Daddy did you fart?" and she continues to not let it go as the couple disappears from site and proceeds to the next aisle. Okay, that was semi-embarrassing.

Then we hit the next aisle and we have now caught up again to this couple. There's no smell this time, but Cady has positively identified them as Crop-Dusters and immediately YELLS, "Who farted? Somebody farted! P-U! Who fart-ed, who fart-ed?" Who knows if I even needed anything down that aisle because I am literally pushing my cart as if I am competing in a shopping cart derby to get the heck out of their ear shot. Rob's following me laughing and as soon as I round the corner Cady starts laughing because she knows that she has said something really clever and worth repeating. I'm laughing on the inside but horribly embarrassed at the same time.

I do have to admit that when we ran into the crop-dusters for the third time and once again had to endure a green cloud the entire length of that aisle I became far less concerned with Cady calling them out. Who does that????

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm so proud of our big girl

Cady has really handled things like a trooper. I'm just not as much fun as I used to be. I can't wrestle or jump around or do much of anything, at times I'm grouchy and often I'm just flat-out boring, yet she still adores me. That makes me one really lucky person.

We've had very little "potty training" around here. I had read that it's a developmental milestone, much the same as crawling is, and you can exhaust yourself trying to "train" them to use the potty or you can just sit back and wait until they are ready. We chose to do the latter and it paid off. Except for night time, Cady is in panties ALL THE TIME! She decided she was ready and she went for it. Initially it was just at home and she refused to go anywhere else and she refused to poop anywhere but a diaper. We praised her efforts when she used the potty and shrugged our shoulders and said, "maybe next time" when she didn't. Then this weekend she turned a corner and does it all on the big potty and beams at us and says, "are you proud of me?" Of course we are! She's not capable of holding it all night long but it doesn't stop her determination. She begs to sleep in plastic pants instead of a diaper and they always leak and she always wakes up in the middle of the night soaked, but it doesn't stop her from trying.

She is so proud of herself for being a "big girl" right now and she wears the title well. She has been a whole different kid since she has taken on that label for herself. They've noticed at school too how nurturing she has been to the younger kids. And not a day goes by that she doesn't talk about how she is going to take care of Coben. She often hugs, kisses and pats him as she passes me. And anytime I cough she asks with concern, "You have heartburns mom? I can make you feel better" and runs off to get my Tums out of the closet. She holds my hand through my OB appts and asks me, "does it hurt mom? or are you okay?" She has just really flourished lately. I make the mistake sometimes of calling her my sweet little girl and she puffs up and says, "I'm not a little girl mom, I'm a big girl." I have to go along with that, but in my eyes, and I'm sure in every parents eyes, no matter how big they get they are still your baby.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A tender mother daughter moment

So, I woke up this morning having signs of labor. The contractions have been continuing throughout the day.

Cady actually took a nap today!! As she was sleeping and I was continuing to have contractions I thought, "I'd really love to just climb in bed with her and cuddle. If I have a baby today, there may not be many opportunities for moments like this."

So I go into her room, slide into bed next to her, pull the covers over us both. Cady eyes flutter open, she looks at me, and yells, "GET OUT MOM!"

LMAO...Gotta love toddlers!