Monday, October 26, 2009

First Parent Teacher Conference

It went well!
Some of the highlights:
*Cady is one of the most empathetic kids the teacher has ever had in her class. She said she cares about her classmates and is the first to help when they need help with anything.
*Her social skills are spot-on. She hasn't had any problems with any of the kids and plays well with everyone. She has one good friend who wants to play with Cady all the time but isn't always very nice to her. The teacher says that Cady handles it very appropriately by playing with other kids when that friend is acting aggressive. The teachers said that Cady plays with all kids regardless of their race which is not always the case with three year olds when they encounter kids who are different.
*The teacher said she is very smart and would like to start pulling her into the four year old group because she has mastered the three year old curriculum and is not very challenged by it.

I was the happiest to hear about her being so empathetic to her peers. Smart is great and will help her in life but what good is being smart if you don't care for those around you?

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I made a promise to write a blog when I got eight hours of sleep. I didn't say consecutive hours. If I had then our audience might be waiting years possibly for the next blog. And in the eight hours that I got last night I am in fact counting the second hour of Ratatouille that I checked out on while watching which was around 7:45. I am also counting the hour that I got while sleeping in Cady's bed when she woke up around 3ish proclaiming to be afraid of the dark which occurred right before I was putting Coben, who was up for his 3 a.m. social call, back to bed. AND I'm counting the hour that my family let me have this morning when Rob got up at the crack of dawn with Coben, who without even the benefit of coffee, was chirping, growling and giggling his way into the morning. But eight hours is eight hours, right?

So. Yeah. It's been rough.

Coben has been cutting more teeth. Coben also has a cold. And he seems to be hitting a growth spurt. All of this all at once.

Cady. She had the flu. Her flu was followed by a nasty cough. The nasty cough turned into pneumonia.

Rob. Working his tail off. Goes in late on the days I work and gets home in time for dinner and for me to run off to work-out. And he's working-out on Sundays. And when it's not my day to work he comes home just in time for the 5:00 pandemonium. This is when all at once the dog needs to go out. Coben needs to be fed. Cady is getting whiny and hungry. Dinner is being made. Yes, all at once.

And the puppy. Yeah. No need to tell ask us what were we thinking. He's great. But he's like another baby. And I'm still wrapping my mind around having two kids. He's picking up on our expectations pretty quickly. He's learning how to sit, stay, and go to the bathroom outside...most of the time. But it's tough.

Example. On Fridays I take Cady to school at 12:20. I have EXACTLY two hours to get to the grocery store, shop for the week, get everything home, unload, take the dog out, feed Coben and pick Cady up from school. Simple things like the checker running out of tape when it's our turn can throw us off. Yes, we cut it THAT close sometimes. So back to the puppy. As I'm racing home I have a hungry Coben in the back seat and popsicles. Other frozen food too but the popsicles for some reason are the one thing that is freaking me out if it should heat up (yeah, I know all about warm meat and baceteria but sometimes we fixate on the funny things). So anyhow, as I'm getting close to the house I'm thinking, "Oh man, the puppy has been alone and is going to start howling as soon as I walk in and I'm already stressed without a puppy howling" so I start to think about how to prioritize things. Coben needs to eat, puppy needs to poop, popsicles need to freeze. So as we are getting closer Coben falls asleep and I think, "whew, one down, two to go." I decide that I am going to leave Coben in the car with the groceries and risk meltage while I take the puppy out. So I take puppy out. And for ten minutes. I am not exaggerating. TEN MINUTES I watch this puppies little butt quiver. Sorry to be graphic but when you are thinking about melting food you watch for every sign of a possible mission accomplished. So after ten minutes I have to call it. I put him back in his pen and I unload the groceries and Coben. I feed Coben. Then I take the dog back out. And yes, it happens again. Grrrrr. Mistakenly I think that maybe he doesn't have to go so I bring him inside because we are out of time and I have to go pick up Cady. Except as I'm changing Coben I smell something that is NOT Coben. YES!!! That 20 minutes of quivering has finally resulted in something....all over the rug!! Now the question is do I leave it or pick up Cady on time? (The answer is that I picked it up AND picked Cady up on time by RUNNING with the stoller. Just ask Coben about his whiplash).

Anyhow, that is an example of how a puppy adds a little stress to the life. I do give him credit though because he is the only one sleeping at night. Cady has had growing pains which keeps her up all night. Coben is going through all of the above that I talked about before so there have been several nights when he is literally up every hour. And one kid wakes up the other so there have literally been nights that they have taken turns being awake...all...night...long. Whew!

Now the updates:

Cady. Doing great. Loves school. We just got back from the second birthday party that we've been invited to. Both times she was the only classmate invited so I'm happy that she is making friends. She's growing like crazy (physically, mentally, emotionally) and as funny as ever. Ask Rob who never gets embarrassed how he looked somewhat embarrassed today at the store. Cady was sitting on his shoulders in the spaghetti sauce aisle. The woman in front of us was looking at the same sauce as we were so we were that close. Cady yells, "HAHAHA, I just farted daddy!!" Niiiice. The lady was kind enough not to look around.

Coben. Polar opposite of his sister. Cady never moved. She didn't roll, crawl, try to get into sitting positions on her own. She was always perfectly still. We theorized that to practice her physical movement would have hindered her verbal skills. She was so content to just lay in one position and make a ton of noise.
Coben on the other hand is full of movement. He cannot be still. He writhes and kicks and pulls and grabs. He rolls and twists and pulls himself up. But the extent of his verbal ability are some nice grunts and growls with the occassional raspberry and giggle. He's a ton of fun though and still ridiculously laid back about most things. He still holds a very strong opionion about bottles and isn't having anything to do with them but doesn't put up a fuss the days that I work if all he gets all day is solids.

So that, family and friends is our update. It's long but it's been a while.