Monday, October 27, 2008

The Potty

I've put a lot of faith in recent literature which suggests that you really don't have to do much when it comes to potty training. When a child is ready, they'll take the lead. I've watched all these other toddlers around us starting to use the potty and have had to bite my lip and tie my own hands down from trying to actively *do* something to start potty training Cady. Well, sure enough, she woke up the other day and started talking about using the potty "just like Bitzabella" (Isabella) her new *older* school friend. And that very day, she went into the bathroom, shut the door and proceeded to potty. The rest of the day she peed 100% of the time in the potty! The following day she graduated to poop and pee. Wow! Anyhow, she's doing great.

The reason I'm sharing this is 1) to reveal my pride in Cady taking the next step to being a big girl and 2) primarily because there's a cute story attached.

Cady's been watching Rob a little bit too much in the bathroom. Tonight after she peed, she got up off the toilet, pinched her girl parts together and started shaking them in front of the toilet. I could have died laughing!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

She amuses me

Okay, I don't know where she gets these ideas because I'm lucky if ANYTHING that I wear matches. This is our conversation though while in the living room this afternoon.

Cady: Mommy, you have blue pants, and a pink shirt.
Me: Yes, I sure do.
Cady: Mommy, what color are your boobies? (that's what she calls my bra and she asks this as she grabs my neckline and looks down my shirt). Mommy, you don't have pink boobies, you have white boobies.
Me: That's okay. White boobies are okay.
Cady: No mommy. You need to go to the store and buy some pink boobies for your pink shirt.
A pause
Cady: Daddy likes boobies.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pictures and ponderings

Cady was in the room during the ultrasound. She has been adamant about the baby being a girl. On the way to the clinic she said, "I want a girl, just like me." So, little Tate who is still on an anti-boy crusade was not pleasantly surprised with the announcement that she will be the big sister to a little boy. She is still convinced that we are wrong and it's a girl. Sigh.


It's unfortunate that we've used up so much garage space saving all of our favorite Cady outfits (buckets!) that will not be used again. At the same time it will be nice to finally start clearing up some space. It's a little overwhelming though thinking about starting a boy wardrobe from scratch! But at the same time probably a lot easier to limit ourselves to just a few pairs of blue jeans and t-shirts.

Why the heck did I buy hot pink curtains and other girly stuff? It might take a little while to figure out how to defeminize the room and make it a little more neutral for both. That's okay, I'll just recruit Starin to come over for a brainstorming session.

Trying to wrap my mind around having a boy. I wonder if this is a normal reaction after already having a child of the opposite sex? Girls just feel so familiar now.

The reality of it all! Even on a good day, when we finally have Cady to bed Rob and I usually just look at each other, sigh and say something like "Oh boy!" This is with ONE kid. "oh boy!"

Yikes! This means we can't keep delaying thinking about names. We now know that we are having a boy so we have to start thinking about boy names. Names are hard.

And now for the pictures...

The evidence that it's a little boy

Tell me if this picture wouldn't scare any mother?? (profile shots at 20 weeks are much cuter than straight on shots)

Not a bad picture even without all of his skin! I think he looks a bit like Rob here! The ultrasound techs were in playing around mode which is how we ended up with 3D's. They usually recommend the pictures further along when the baby looks a little less skeletonish and bumpy.


Friday, October 17, 2008


In just three days we'll know whether we have a Barley or an Olive in there! Three days...whoopee! Let's hope that s/he cooperates. I'll update with the news on Monday.
Oh, Barley and Olive are just stand-in names till we get the real ones. Don't want to cause anyone to panic! lol

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pregnancy Brain

Ahhh..the dreaded pregnancy brain. The same brain that, when I was pregnant with Cady caused me to put together an awesome presentation with a one day deadline and then forget to show up to the presentation to present (yes, it was in my calendar and I had even told the students that I was going to be presenting about 10 minutes before the presentation and then poof! it left my mind.) And caused me to tell a parent, "I'll be right with you", set my paper down, walk right past them and straight up to my office where I remembered the parent a whole hour later (fortunately, someone told them I was hung up w/ something and they left after 5 minutes)I'd insert blushing smiley faces if I had them.

So, yeah. It's back. Full-force. I just don't get it. If not for the validation of the many pregnant women I commiserate with, I'd really think I was losing my mind!


I was in line for breakfast at the Hyatt and two ladies asked me, "are you from here?" And I said, "No". Then, at least a whole two minutes later I realized what I said, and had to correct myself. "Yes, I'm from Denver, I'm sorry, I don't know why I said that!"

Tuesday morning I left for music class in my fuzzy slippers and probably would have gotten all the way there if Cady wasn't the one who pointed it out to me as we were getting in the car, "Mommy (chuckle chuckle), your shoes are silly!" Well, Thursday morning I left for work in the same pair of slippers. A really nice dressy outfit and the scuzziest pink slipppers you've ever seen. Thanks goodness it was wet out because I was able to catch it this time as soon as I headed up the driveway.

A couple of weeks ago (granted I had the flu the entire week so that probably played into this one) I laid on the couch with a banana that I was intending to eat for lunch. I picked it up and tried to use it as a remote to change channels. No sooner had I finished laughing at myself when the phone rang and I tried to answer the banana.

Last week I told my intern that I was taking her to meet our school nurse. I walked down the hall with her, passed the nurses office, and realized I had absolutely no recollection of where I told her we were going. I finally just stopped and had to admit it out loud and she then reminded me that we were going to the nurses office which was "way back there"

These are just the big ones. This blog entry might take up the whole page if I actually listed out all of the little ones such as forgetting what I'm talking about mid-conversation, putting random things that don't belong in the fridge into the fridge, losing things, using the wrong words when speaking or writing, spelling errors, etc...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

If you leave your camera laying around...

You might find this when you upload your pictures....

Monday, October 6, 2008

You are my Sunshine

By request for Sophie!

Older Mom Testing

I opted for the sequential screening (two series of bloodwork and an NT ultrasound),%20Sequential.pdf
The ultrasound was done about 6 weeks ago along with the first blood test. When I went for my appointment a couple of weeks ago and asked how the first round went, the Dr. told me that they will not read anything independent, that it has to be read as a whole after the second blood test is done. (That didn't sound right so I looked it up and sure enough, it all has to be done together). I asked her if they had found anything totally abnormal on the ultrasound if they would share that with me before the second series of bloodwork, but she just said again "these tests cannot be run independently" so I had my second series drawn last week and have been waiting (6 weeks total now) I got the call. Everything was negative. I show no markers for an elevated risk of downs, Trisomy 18, or other neural tube defects. Woohoo! It's not a guarantee, as only amnio or CVT are going to tell me "for sure" but it's a big relief.