Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cady the Cat Wrangler....

First of all, what is with the crazy behavior when there is a phone call? The phone rang, it was Stacy and I sat on the couch to talk. Immediately, Cady climbed onto the end of the couch, put her face in mine and said "Hi, hi, hi" and kissed me twice. She then proceeded to jump on the couch (standing on it is a no-no) and twirl in circles until she nearly fell off. from dizziness, squealing the entire time.

Also during the phone call, she took it upon herself to discipline our cat Fibi. Our cats are not allowed on countertops but they often are. I guess that Cady has seen us, maybe one too many times, say "no" and remove the cat from the counter. While I was on the phone, the cat was on the coffee table, which is not off limits, and Cady went over and said "No" and grabbed the cat and nearly body slammed her off the coffee table. I told Cady, that is not nice and she said. "Sorry Fibi, Sorry Fibi, Sorry Fibi". At least she knows how to apologize but I'm sure the cat would be much happier not having been body slammed in the first place.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

If your mom says you cannot get into the Halloween Candy...

Then just wait for her to turn her back!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Last year at this time And this year at the same place,*sigh*

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Look what came in the mail!

Thanks Aunt Sophie...these are absolutely hilarious and quite appropriate!! The sweater is beautiful as well, I can't wait till she is able to wear it!

I put the slippers on Cady while she was in her high chair so she couldn't see them until I got her out. When I did get her out, she looked down at her feet and just sarted giggling. She's had them on for the past four hours now! She loves them.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh Poop!!!

I'm just posting this, but I wrote it a couple of days ago, thus the old baseball reference:

This morning started out rough. I stayed up waaaaaay too late watching the Rockies sweep their way into the World Series. As a result, I didn't wake up as early as I usually do and had to kick it into high gear to get ready on time. Isn't it the case that anytime you are racing the clock, something unexpected happens?

Cady and I took a shower together as we do every morning and then I let her run around diaperless in her robe for a few minutes while I dried my hair. This morning though she came up to me and I thought she was saying poop. She had this brown stuff on her lips. I PRAY that it was not poop. I had also given her an old tube of lipstick where i had taken the lipstick out (brownish color) but if you put your finger in there you can get some remnants. And she was playing with it prior to this situation. I wiped her mouth and I swear that it didn't look poop brown. That's what I really hope anyhow. So, I hear her say "poop" again but wasn't quite sure so after wiping her mouth I think we are done. Then I smell something. I should mention at this point that not only am I potentially running late but this is the first day the entire school year that it is CRUCIAL that I be on time because I am facilitating a threat assessment on a student and will have ten professionals waiting on me if I'm late.
So, after she says poop the second time, I pull up her robe only to discover that it is caked with poop as she is. She has poop smeared from her back down to her ankles. Cleaning her up took a fair amount of time. When it's all smeared like that, it's quite a process.

After I cleaned her up she said, "poop" again and pulled me by the robe into the bedroom where there was a pile of poop. I mean a PILE. And I'm just not good with picking up poop. A dipaer is one thing but picking it up off the floor is another thing entirely. I immediately ran to find my magazine to find some of those subscription cards that magazines are usually full of. Can't find ANY! But I could find some semistiff perfume inserts that could do the trick. I do a little scoop trick and flush it down the toilet. Cady waves and says, "bye-bye see you" as she watches it go down. I can assure you that I will not be letting her run around diaperless anymore and more importantly I am going to continue believing that it was lipstick on her lips and around her mouth!!

Check her out in her ultra-cute robe!

And a bonus pick for Mimi who bought Cady this cute outfit!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cady being Cady

Just some pics today guys b/c I know I have not been good keeping up on the blog. These are just pics of Cady being Cady. Bathtime and after getting hold of a marker this morning!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Let the Terrible Twos begin!!

Wow!! I'm not sure how else to express it. I guess we were thinking that the Terrible Twos begin when you hit the age of...well, two! But now I understand that they begin in the second year. I don't like it. For those that have not experienced the Terrible Twos let me explain to you what it is like.
Our little ball of emotions is learning ways to express those emotions and it's not pretty. Her preferred method of expression is letting out a loud and annoying screetch followed by YELLING "NO!" and smacking whatever is in her path. We are not smackers. We don't spank and we don't smack hands so at first it made me really worried when she started doing this, until another mom explained to me that it is not necessarily a learned behavior. She told me to think about it in the same way as when they throw themselves on the floor in rage. It's not as if she's learned that from me or Rob because neither one of us, at least not that we'll admit, has thrown ourselves on the floor when things aren't going our way. But anyhow, our little smack-and-no demon is using this tactic to the excess. She runs around the house screetching, yelling "No" and smacking and our first impulse is to react to it by firmly saying...you guessed it, "No!" But then we would be engaged in a no-war with the word "no" rapid firing between parent and toddler. And I'm not just theorizing here, we learned by the old fashioned trial and error and it is quite ridiculous when you find yourself in a "no" fight with a two year old. So instead, we actually have to be the adults and use our calm voices and say, "Cady, we don't hit, we need to be gentle" and show her what gentle is like. And then she follows along like a good little girl and demonstrates that she understands what we are saying and asking of her by being gentle and then she punctuates it with a loud "NO" at the end. Let me tell you, this stuff is fun! We really missed out by not having twins I tell ya!