Sunday, August 23, 2009

First day of worm school

I wonder if it will always be referred to as worm school. When Cady and I spent an afternoon together at her new school a few months ago they were doing projects with worms. She has called it "Worm School" ever since. This has been the longest wait ever. We visited the classroom the beginning of May and she has had to wait until now to start attending. I do believe it was well worth the wait for her as she is acclimating very well to her new surroundings.
Her first day we walked up there with Alicja. I walked her into the classroom and all was well until it was time for me and Alicja to leave. Then the tears. As she was crying a little girl named Dalia walked into the room and her face lit up when she saw Cady and she said, "Casy!!!!" (they had met the day before at orientation)and I could tell that they were going to get along well. I scooted out and went back to work.
The next day of school when I walked Cady to her classroom the teacher stopped me with her thick Spanish accent and said, "There is something important I have to tell you. This daughter of yours, she is veddy nice. She helped her little friend Dalia all day long. Dalia was veddy sad and Cady, she try to make her feel better. She hold her hand, she put her arm around her, she take care of her all day long. I have never met a child so caring as Cady. She's a good girl." SUPER proud mom moment. There are a lot of qualities that we would like Cady to have but very few of them rank as high as caring. We know she is caring but to see her get past her shyness and apply it to others...that is REALLY cool!

This is what 6 a.m. looks like on Cady's first day of school

And she's off!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

TMI Alert, TMI alert!

But too cute not to post.

The TMI part is that I wear thong underwear. Somehow Cady has never really taken notice until yesterday when I was getting dressed. She walks into the room, looks at me as I'm bent over putting on my pants and chuckles. She then says in her very Cady way, "It's okay mommy, sometimes my panties get stuck in my butt too!"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to work and more wrinkle material

I go back to work in two days. I am going to miss being with the kids like crazy but seeing as how it is only part-time there is part of me that is looking forward to it. It helps a lot that I like what I do. But I'm also looking forward to hearing myself think once again. I now understand the term, "I can't hear myself think". Sometimes I will have a moment where something pops into my brain that I need to stop and think about and Cady starts hammering away at me, "Mom! Mom! Mooooooom! Why aren't you listening to me!" and the thought is gone. This is a huge reason that I forget many many things these days. Facebook readers will probably see that Coben is still refusing a bottle. Man, it's hard enough to leave a baby but doubly hard when you have to worry about them while you are gone. Thank goodness it's only 8 hours. I don't know that I have more than that in me.
Anyhow, on to the fun stuff. Sometimes I make these mini videos where I just ask random questions so that one day Cady can watch them later and see where she was at in her development. Watch this short video. The last question is a hoot. And yes, I do realize that I probably caused anxiety by asking, "What happens when you sleep?" lol.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Higher level of thinking

She's a bright one.
We went to the Wiggles Concert last week. Jeff, one of Cady's favorites, is approaching sixty. In the car, she was studying his picture and declared, "Jeff has wrinkles!" I confirmed that yes, Jeff has wrinkles. Cady then asked, "is it because he is getting older?" And I told her that it was in fact because Jeff is getting older. A few minutes passed and she then said, "Mom, Santa Claus is really really old and he does not have wrinkles." Good point.

Do you think it would really mess her up if I talked to her about Botax?