Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to work and more wrinkle material

I go back to work in two days. I am going to miss being with the kids like crazy but seeing as how it is only part-time there is part of me that is looking forward to it. It helps a lot that I like what I do. But I'm also looking forward to hearing myself think once again. I now understand the term, "I can't hear myself think". Sometimes I will have a moment where something pops into my brain that I need to stop and think about and Cady starts hammering away at me, "Mom! Mom! Mooooooom! Why aren't you listening to me!" and the thought is gone. This is a huge reason that I forget many many things these days. Facebook readers will probably see that Coben is still refusing a bottle. Man, it's hard enough to leave a baby but doubly hard when you have to worry about them while you are gone. Thank goodness it's only 8 hours. I don't know that I have more than that in me.
Anyhow, on to the fun stuff. Sometimes I make these mini videos where I just ask random questions so that one day Cady can watch them later and see where she was at in her development. Watch this short video. The last question is a hoot. And yes, I do realize that I probably caused anxiety by asking, "What happens when you sleep?" lol.


Starin said...

I love that video!

Great Aunt Sophie said...

Brilliant! Let's have more in the interview series. I remember the summer I was 5, playing by myself behind Toad (which was not Toad back then) and pondering life. It struck me that being 5 was top of the world, as grown up as one would ever need to be and feeling immensely pleased with myself. (and here I am , 50!...)

KMK said...

Great video!

MiMi said...

Toad inspires all sorts of thoughts. I ponder life there a great deal.

I was holding my breath waiting to see if MiMi was included in that list!