Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Next?

There are so many moments as a parent that just catch you completely off-guard. And sometimes they catch your spouse off guard. Rob though, never misses a beat.


We just moved back into the house. We are all sitting on the floor in the furnitureless living room leaning up against walls with pillows underneath us for cushion. I think American Idol might have been on. Cady is sitting on Rob's lap. Fibi is sitting on Cady's lap.

Cady (to Rob): Daddy, where is Fibi's vagina?

Rob: (grabs fibi, pulls up her tail) It's right there Cady.

Cady: No Dad. That's her butt. I want to know where her vagina is.

Rob: (pulling up Fibi's leg and inspecting closely) It's right here Cady, look.

Fibi: (wearing an expression on her face of WTF?)

Paula: (laughing so hard inside)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home projects, A Play, and Sleep!

It's been action-packed around here. So much so that it's still hard to catch my breath and yet we are preparing for round 2. Round 2 of construction starts the last week in March. And hopefully that will be the end of it. And then in April we fly to Wisconsin for my sister Jenny's wedding (I'm IN the wedding) and then Penny comes to visit when we return and we'll celebrate Cady's birthday. And THEN it will finally slow down around here (knocking the hugest piece of wood that I can find!)

Some happy developments though. Coben is fully weaned. The little bugger didn't even protest tonight when I took away his final feeding (the coveted before bed feeding) and he passed out almost immediately when I laid him in his crib. It helps that he has been walking non-stop and is physically tired. But he's done. Knowing that I will not ever nurse a little one again makes it a little bittersweet. Mostly sweet though because one thing that I was extremely hopeful about was that once I started weaning that he would start sleeping through the night....AND HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Happy Days!! Rob and I have had about 4 full nights of sleep (okay, so we won't count Cady's wakings) in the past couple of weeks. And let me tell you, it is nice. I nearly forgot what it feels like to have energy. And everyone just seems happier around our house!

Other kids news. Cady has bangs again. It was an impulsive decision after a year of growing out those bangs. But she looks cute and I don't have to put it up anymore. And she wanted them. It's all good. She participated in the Finding Nemo play that she practiced for 8 weeks. When her moment came she clammed up on her lines but she seemed to enjoy the spotlight as her teacher had to carry her off of stage at one point when she missed her cue for all fish to exit the stage. She still vacilates between liking school and resisting it. I think she really likes school but hates missing out on what happens when she is not at home. I tell her that I spend the time doing laundry and running errands but I think she is convinced that we are eating candy and playing games while she off at school learning.

Coben is physically all over the place. He is walking confidently and trying to climb anything that he can. He follows Cady around the house and is constantly in trouble with her for getting into her stuff. His new trick is flushing the toilet and that just flat out annoys Cady who doesn't like him wasting water. Other kids his age are doing laps around him when it comes to talking but he's more of a "less talk and more action" kind of guy.

Wall-E. Great dog overall. Annoying habit of making us chase him at the least opportune moments. It makes us crazy (and sweaty) but it's ONE bad habit out of a sea of habits that he COULD have.

The cats. Jenny still throws up after most meals. Fibi is in love with Cady and sleeps in her bed all of the time now.

And one more. My girl Cady misses nothing. My favorite and totally overused swear word is "Shit!" I use it mostly when I do something clutzy (which is quite often). Yesterday as we were walking up to Emma's house for her 4th Birthday Party I dropped my purse in a puddle of dirty melty snow. "Shit" was in my head and ready to come out of my mouth but it never made its way out because Cady said it for me. That's my girl!