Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daddy's Girl

My little girl is so in love with her dad it's not even funny. I mentioned in a previous blog that she would like to marry her dad. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Most nights she still slips into bed with us in the predawn hours. There used to be a time that she would practically sleep on top of me and would get frantic if she wasn't touching me the whole time. Now? She sleeps pressed up against her dad. The other morning while Rob was getting ready for work I tried to cuddle with her. She woke up and demanded, "where's my dad?" and our first one-on-one date since Coben was born was this weekend. We went to "our place" which is Souper Salad. As we were eating I said, "Cady, I sure do love you" and her response was, "I love my dad". And I just don't do things as well as I used to. As I'm brushing my teeth the other day I'm informed by Cady, "Daddy taps his toothbrush when he's done to get the water out." and while getting slurpee the other day she says, "Daddy puts the top on first" and can you believe it? I even wrapped her up in her bath towel all wrong the other day. "Daddy tucks it in right here." It brings back so many memories of my own daddy worshipping days. The beautiful thing is that Rob doesn't even know the extent of it. He has a fan for life because even if we don't show it the same way as we get older, I think most of us girls will always worship our dad.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Budding Photographer...for Playgirl

So, i'm sitting in the office here and I see a flash coming from the hallway. We just had a thundershower so I thought maybe it was lightning flashing through the bathroom window. Oh no. It was Cady. Cady taking a picture from the hallway INTO the bathroom where Rob is, shall we say, indisposed. She is quite skilled with the camera these days. GREAT picture, wish I could share. :D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keeping up the Gosslins

Cady: Mom, I wanted two babies. A boy AND a girl.
Me: Cady, can you imagine two babies crying all the time?
Cady: Well, John and Kate have eight!

Body parts

Cady is running around naked
Me: Woo-woo, look at that cute little butt.
Cady: No mom, my butt is big like yours.

Follow-up from this morning as I'm getting out of the shower:
Cady: HEHE. Mom, your butt is really squishy.

On Calling 9-1-1
Me: Now let's go over it again. Show me on the phone how you call 9-1-1-
Cady: (dials 9-1-1 and says to me)-Now this is what I have to call if a witch flies in my window and I need a fire man.


Laughing, cooing, playing with his feet. Very sweet and getting more fun every day.
We attended CPR. We had the upper GI's and today was the "last" appointment with neurology. Nope, not really. Another $40 co-pay "I don't know" with a referral to a gastric specialist thrown in. Really small stuff in the big picture after spending time at Children's and seeing all the families that practically live there. I'll take the "inconvenience" of a lot of medical appointments any day over anything those parents are having to endure. :(

And finally---
Cady wants to go to the "Hair Porch" to catch a "Hairplane" to visit Sophie, Chris, Gigi and "Penny" (She actually said Penny instead of Mimi the other night while Starin was over). And Chris, Cady has been obsessed with your pony tail since you left. She wants to know why Uncle Chris has a pony tail. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Dinner conversation:

Cady: I'm going to have a baby

Me: Cady, you can't have a baby until you are all grown up and have a husband

Cady: Daddy is going to be my husband

Rob: Cady, I can't be your husband because I'm your daddy

Cady: No no no Daddy. I mean when I'm all grown up you'll be my husband and mom will be old.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

You're rubbing elbows with Royalty!!

Cady and I were in the car together yesterday when "Crash" came on. I explained to Cady that Daddy and I danced together to "Crash" at our wedding when we were married. I told her that is when Daddy became my husband.
She thought for a moment and asked, "Mommy, is that when you were a princess and daddy was a King?" Awwwwwww. What could I answer except, "But of course."

Friday, May 8, 2009

One more

Add a late afternoon phone call from Dr. Bacon letting me know that they are also ordering an upper GI to the list of fun things that have happened today. :(

The appointment that was not...

Coben's neurology appointment was for today but we didn't go. I tried. All of Coben's appointments have been in the medical complex at Lutheran Hospital because the Children's Hospital specialists are there once a week. So when I made the appointment I thought I was making it for Lutheran again. The scheduler told me it was in the outpatient pavillion. Having been there I know that there are several buildings and asked her specifically, "Could you tell me the building number". She said, "no building number, it's in the main entrance. It's the building next to where you had the cariology appointment(which was at Lutheran). So I get to Lutheran and NOBODY knows what I'm talking about. Turns out I'm at the wrong hospital and the other one is 45 minutes away so I've missed my appointment. At least the second scheduler gave me an address (aha! so there IS one!) but the next appt is not until the 20th. Okay. Whatever. But I found myself in tears. Not sure why, but I think I just wanted today to be the end of it all.

So I just got home and the triage nurse from Coben's pediatrician's office is on the phone and says, "I'm calling because Dr. Bacon and I have talked about this and we feel like it might be a good idea for you and your husband to attend a CPR class so I'm calling to help you schedule it." Now, I totally understand why they would say that but to hear those words spoken outloud when Rob and I are doing our best to believe that nothing is wrong, well, it just doesn't feel too good.

This blog is just to keep everyone in the loop. I promise, they'll get lighter again. I much prefer blogging about Cady giving child birth. Which, by the way, she did have twins yesterday. I know because she assigned me as her Doctor.

I just realized I do have a small Cady story. We were at Sunflower Market yesterday an there was a man in front of us who was in the process of balding. He had some hair left on the sides but was butt-naked up top. Cady said, "mom, that guy has no hair! He has no hair at all!" I reply, "Yes Cady." and in typical Cady fashion she repeats. "Yeah, but he has NO hair." I'm thinking, maybe this guy can't hear us. But he turns around and playfully bonks Cady on the head with a package of crumpets, hehe.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Knock on giant logs...


It's Coben. He is a GREAT kid! He can have the worst day possible (such as today) where nothing makes him happy for long and he cries from sun-up to sun-down. But do you know what he does without fail? He sleeps! I don't even have to nurse him to sleep. I lay him in his bassinet sometime around 7 or 8 and he falls asleep. Just like that! And he might wake up a couple of times a night but do you know what time he sleeps until?? 8:30!! Yes, you heard me right. 8:30!!! He still wakes up around 4 and goofs around..waving his hands and practicing his voice. But when he's finished he drifts back off to sleep. I know it won't last. Even if I find something bigger than redwood to knock on it won't last. But let me tell you I AM LOVING IT!!

So, here's what happened on Sunday. Coben was sitting in his chair in the kitchen with Rob and he just started throwing up again. Large quantities. And then he fell asleep. Hard. Rob and I had trouble waking him up. We were swinging him, bouncing him, blowing on him. The most that would happen is his eyelids would flutter open and immediately snap shut. It wasn't really scary this time because he still had tension in his body and he wasn't ghostly white. The scariest part was the flash-backs of it happening before and the helplessness of feeling isolated. But somehow this incident just didn't seem like that big of a deal.

Of course it was Sunday so who were we going to call? I looked at our Dr.s website that has a "when to call" grid and it didn't seem like it fit into the emergency category. So I called the following day. I described what happened and was told that if that ever happens again to call an ambulance of get him to a hospital ASAP. REALLY?? We figured that maybe he fell asleep and was difficult to arouse because the vomiting took it out of him. And that's really what I was expecting them to say when I called. Don't they know they were just supposed to make a note in his chart? They weren't supposed to tell me that it IS a big deal. So, many of you have already seen it on Facebook but we are now back to not being finished. A month to the day we are back where we were and Coben and I will be soon visiting the Neurologist.

Cady is great. She protests going to school and then protests going home when I pick her up after school. She told me sadly (and quite dramatically) the other day that she doesn't have any friends at ALL! I'll be looking for summer activities so that she has lots of interaction with other kiddos. I bet she'll still tell me she doesn't have ANY friends though, lol. It's been two months now and she still will not let the kids at school (her FRIENDS) anywhere near her brother. They aren't even allowed to sneak a peak without suffering the wrath of Cadence. What else. Hmmmm. Quite often these days (Starin can attest to this) she lays down, grabs her ankles, grunts and says she's having a baby. Maybe I did let her watch a little too much Baby Story. My bad. I suppose it's okay as long as she doesn't do it at school, hehe.

Thanks for tuning in.