Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daddy's Girl

My little girl is so in love with her dad it's not even funny. I mentioned in a previous blog that she would like to marry her dad. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Most nights she still slips into bed with us in the predawn hours. There used to be a time that she would practically sleep on top of me and would get frantic if she wasn't touching me the whole time. Now? She sleeps pressed up against her dad. The other morning while Rob was getting ready for work I tried to cuddle with her. She woke up and demanded, "where's my dad?" and our first one-on-one date since Coben was born was this weekend. We went to "our place" which is Souper Salad. As we were eating I said, "Cady, I sure do love you" and her response was, "I love my dad". And I just don't do things as well as I used to. As I'm brushing my teeth the other day I'm informed by Cady, "Daddy taps his toothbrush when he's done to get the water out." and while getting slurpee the other day she says, "Daddy puts the top on first" and can you believe it? I even wrapped her up in her bath towel all wrong the other day. "Daddy tucks it in right here." It brings back so many memories of my own daddy worshipping days. The beautiful thing is that Rob doesn't even know the extent of it. He has a fan for life because even if we don't show it the same way as we get older, I think most of us girls will always worship our dad.

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