Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Knock on giant logs...


It's Coben. He is a GREAT kid! He can have the worst day possible (such as today) where nothing makes him happy for long and he cries from sun-up to sun-down. But do you know what he does without fail? He sleeps! I don't even have to nurse him to sleep. I lay him in his bassinet sometime around 7 or 8 and he falls asleep. Just like that! And he might wake up a couple of times a night but do you know what time he sleeps until?? 8:30!! Yes, you heard me right. 8:30!!! He still wakes up around 4 and goofs around..waving his hands and practicing his voice. But when he's finished he drifts back off to sleep. I know it won't last. Even if I find something bigger than redwood to knock on it won't last. But let me tell you I AM LOVING IT!!

So, here's what happened on Sunday. Coben was sitting in his chair in the kitchen with Rob and he just started throwing up again. Large quantities. And then he fell asleep. Hard. Rob and I had trouble waking him up. We were swinging him, bouncing him, blowing on him. The most that would happen is his eyelids would flutter open and immediately snap shut. It wasn't really scary this time because he still had tension in his body and he wasn't ghostly white. The scariest part was the flash-backs of it happening before and the helplessness of feeling isolated. But somehow this incident just didn't seem like that big of a deal.

Of course it was Sunday so who were we going to call? I looked at our Dr.s website that has a "when to call" grid and it didn't seem like it fit into the emergency category. So I called the following day. I described what happened and was told that if that ever happens again to call an ambulance of get him to a hospital ASAP. REALLY?? We figured that maybe he fell asleep and was difficult to arouse because the vomiting took it out of him. And that's really what I was expecting them to say when I called. Don't they know they were just supposed to make a note in his chart? They weren't supposed to tell me that it IS a big deal. So, many of you have already seen it on Facebook but we are now back to not being finished. A month to the day we are back where we were and Coben and I will be soon visiting the Neurologist.

Cady is great. She protests going to school and then protests going home when I pick her up after school. She told me sadly (and quite dramatically) the other day that she doesn't have any friends at ALL! I'll be looking for summer activities so that she has lots of interaction with other kiddos. I bet she'll still tell me she doesn't have ANY friends though, lol. It's been two months now and she still will not let the kids at school (her FRIENDS) anywhere near her brother. They aren't even allowed to sneak a peak without suffering the wrath of Cadence. What else. Hmmmm. Quite often these days (Starin can attest to this) she lays down, grabs her ankles, grunts and says she's having a baby. Maybe I did let her watch a little too much Baby Story. My bad. I suppose it's okay as long as she doesn't do it at school, hehe.

Thanks for tuning in.


KMK said...

Good luck with the neurologist. When do you go?

Great Aunt Sophie said...

And this is the girl who had how many guests at her birthday party?? :) By the way, I thought she wasn't having her baby til she was 5! Thanks for the Coben updates...sure hope that the Neurologist can give you some answers. Wish that you didn't have to be dealing w/ those issues.