Monday, November 29, 2010

24th Blog!!!

I just saw that in 2007, the year that I started blogging, I posted over 90 times. And then in 2008 I posted about 90 times. 2009, the year of the brother my posts declined to the 60s. And then I saw that this current year, wich is over in one short month, only has a pathetic 23 entries!! So, this is a fluff entry to beef up my numbers a bit. I hope you enjoyed it. ;)

When did it happen?

Just when did I get so dumb? I used to know things. I could recite movie quotes, tell jokes, talk about articles that I'd recently read. I don't know things anymore and I think this started when Cady became verbal. Let me share an example from just this evening.

Cady: "Confidity and beyond!"
Me: (amused and wanting her to repeat it because I'm getting a kick out of it) "Say it again! I'm trying to guess who it is."
Cady: "Confidity and beyond!"
Me: "I know this, I know this! One more time!"
Cady: "Confidity and beyond!"
Me: "I know, I know. It's Buzz Light Year from Toy Story!!"
Cady: "No, it's Woody"
Me: "I think Buzz is the one who says 'Infinity and beyond!"
Cady: (and you all know the tone of voice)"No mom. It's Woody and it's Con-fid-i-ty!"

Why even argue...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving then Christmas

Less than a week until Thanksgiving. Cady made an astute observation while we were watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving tonight. The episode was chock full of Christmas commercials and Cady announced, "Everyone is thinking about Christmas but nobody is thinking about Thanksgiving." She doesn't even know just how correct she is since her own mom has not even started planning a grocery list yet. Originally we were going to try to get home to Vegas to visit my family. It sounded great in theory but all kinds of details got in the way. We knew that we would not be able to afford to fly because not only does it involve an expensive holiday price tag on the tickets themselves but then we have to rent a car and car seats. Cha-ching. So, we thought we'd drive and that is where the details just kind of screwed everything up. It started with having my oil changed and learning that the tread on my tires is just about non-existent. That's $600 that not only do we not have but makes spending that mere $40 at Motel 6 on the way up and the way back feel like the price of staying at the Ritz. And then more details. I have to work Tuesday. That would mean leaving Wednesday and getting there mid-day on Thanksgiving. It means staying one full day and then two more days in the car. Two days in the car with one kid to get to Wisconsin was nearly torturous. Two kids for two days with only one day in between doing it again...yeah, admit it, you wouldn't like it either. And let's throw in the final detail. We would be driving through the Rockies. Throw in some snow and it's possible that we'd end up driving five days and only stay 1/2 day. So, we are resuming our annual Thanksgiving with the Shaw's tradition (that would be Emma's family). This is our fourth or fifth Thanksgiving together so it's a pretty awesome consolation prize! I'm sad to miss yet another opportunity to see my family though. Perhaps this summer.
Cady has been very concerned about Santa. She is starting to question his powers. Does he live forever? How does he get into our house? And the most anxiety-provoking question of all. "Can he see me when I am going to the bathroom?" I am so glad that she was able to say that out loud. I remember how completely freaked out I was at that age believing that Santa, God and my deceased Grandmother could all see me when I was going to the bathroom. I never questioned it, I just spent a few years being weirded out by it.
Rob and I are making an effort to do what we can to split up the present buying in order to not get hit all at once in December. And what that means is that aside from Christmas jammies we are DONE buying for the kids! Santa scored a great train table on Craig's List for Coben. Thank God Wall-E ate one of our couches so we have somewhere to put it. He's not a naughty dog, he's a visonary. Santa is getting Cady a Baby All Gone and a doll crib. And Rob and I are going light on presents from us. Done done done!! The big prize is the tent that Santa is getting them. I can't wait until Christmas night when they will be allowed to put their blankets and pillows in there and sleep together. I also realize that I'm probably romanticizing how that is going to go but I just love the image so much that I'm blocking out the image of possible screaming, hair-pulling, tears, and an eventual separation.
Coben is getting Cady a pillow pet which will earn Coben HUGE points. Cady started talking about wanting a pillow pet when she first saw the commercial almost a year ago. And since then pretty much every child she knows has a pillow pet. She is quick to tell us who has them, who just got one, and how many they have. Emma has one. Maddie up the street has two. Pretty much every kid in her class has one. Every Wednesday is show-and-tell and every week I look in the show and tell box to retrieve Cady's show and tell choice and there are always pillow pets in there. Well, we figured a year is long enough to suffer. Us, not her. We are the ones that have been hearing about it for months!
And Cady is getting Coben a truck. He's a little obsessed. As Mimi can attest, give him a truck and he's occupied for a loooong time.
I'm in the midst of finding child care for Coben. It's never an easy task. I posted to my mom's group and I think we may possibly have someone. She has an 18 month and a 3 month old daughter so I think she is crazy but she seems nice. And Coben is so darned easy-going that I think he'll be fine pretty much anywhere with a good vibe.
Cady is thriving at preschool. She comes home singing songs and is learning to read. I checked out a flip-a-word book out of the library and she started reading that very night. She sounds out words all of the time and tries to spell everything. Her ears will no longer be pierced soon. She has no lobes. This isn't something I had realized until they were marking her ears to pierce them. Somehow her earring nearly tore through the lobes so I had to take them out. She decided that it's okay to let them close up once I told her that putting them back in was going to hurt.
Her imagination is out of control and she's been in our bed via middle of the night awakenings for over two months now. It started when her teacher read, "There's a Nightmare in my Closet" and I'm tempted to call her at 3 a.m.just to spread the joy. This too shall pass, right? Coben on the other hand sleeps in his own bed all night. He comes in around 6 and dozes for another 1/2 hour to an hour. Then he wakes up and lays on top of me. He puts his nose right up against mine and whispers, "Hi mama." Every morning he does this and every morning I wake up with a melty heart. It's the best.
Wall-E continues going to obedience class and he's a constant reminder of why we are cat people. Jenny continues to eat herself silly and still manages to get herself locked in random small places for hours on end on a consistent basis. Fibi just keeps on smiling. And the rest of us? We are just so thankful for everything that we have and for the people in our lives and that life is good.