Saturday, March 31, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Or that is what Cady is saying anyhow.

We just returned from Wisconsin. We realized early on that Cady is a routine and schedule baby, but I don't think we realized just how much...until we deviated from it!

The trip up was okay. Cady did pretty well with the plane ride (aside from vomiting on the descent), the 2 1/2 hour wait at the airport for her Aunt and Uncle to arrive and the 2 1/2 hour drive to my dads. I on the other hand was sick. I had to call in sick the day before our trip and it was downhill ever since.

My sister Laura was getting married to her now husband Ryan. They've been in classes together since first grade, started dating in their Junior year, and are now officially married. It was a beautiful ceremony, but we had to leave shortly into the reception. Cady typically goes to bed at 7 and the reception did not start until 7. We made it through dinner and then headed out. The reception was almost an hour from the house and it was all one lane country road. I had to brake for: Two deer, a possum, a rabbit and a frog. Well, I didn't brake for the frog. I managed to straddle it and avoid squishing it with my tire.

My cold then progressed into the stomach flu. I spent the next couple of days not eating on top of the cold I already had. I also gave my dad the flu gift so he was down and out the last couple of days as well. Cady, who was off her schedule, in a strange place, teething, and not feeling well herself was absolutely cranky for the duration of the trip. Every now and then her personality would come out, but for the most part she was NOT A HAPPY LITTLE GIRL!

It was a great trip because Cady got to see her Grampy and Grammy D again and also she got to meet three of her Aunts, her Uncle, some great uncle and aunts and her Great Grandma. Everyone spoiled her just a bit. She tasted things that she normally doesn't get to taste such as icing and pop. Grampy really put on the spoil with frozen strawberries and french toast. He also loved her up quite a bit and Rob and I actually were able to watch a whole tv show when Cady woke up in the middle of the night b/c Grampy went and rescued her and rocked her for the whole show. Grampy is the same guy who tells us it's okay for her to cry herself to sleep but is always at her door loving her up if he hears her crying. :-)

The flight out was challenging. Cady did not care to be back on the plane. We spent the entire flight jumping through hoops trying to keep her from crying as much as possible. It didn't always work. Then the unthinkable happened. As the plane was preparing to descend, Cady did something that she has never done before. She laid her little head against my chest, closed her eyes and went to sleep. It was a priceless mom and dad moment to see her sleeping against me.

When we got home, Cady was a mad-woman. She cruised the house squealing, babbling and screeching. She was so happy to be home and it made us so happy to see her happy. There's going to be a time when visiting the people that she loves is actually fun, but I'm really glad that we had this experience and I was able to see the people that I love, loving Cady.

The dress that my aunt and uncle bought me
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Teething Relief
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Me and Grampy
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Me and Aunt Jenny
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Uncle Scott and Aunt Ravay
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Friday, March 16, 2007

Crazy Cady on Laundry Day

This is how Cady helps me do the laundry. Notice that she is "answering" the clothes. This goes along with her new phone fixation. Also notice how quickly she can scoot on that booty!

Monday, March 12, 2007

What she's doing now...

Probably the cutest thing that Cady is doing right now is mimicking talking on the phone. She grabs the phone and holds it up to her ear and babbles. The other day I was changing her on the dressing table. She sat up and grabbed the phone, put it up to her ear and I swear, clear as day, she said "Hi dad".

She's cruising around the house like nobody's business. She can make her way throughout the house using furniture and walls. She can butt-scoot at lightning speed now too.

Cady is also into sharing. It's a big thing to her to share whatever she has. Pacifier. Food. Not just food from the bowl but food that she pulled out of her mouth to share. Extra-special stuff. Musical instruments. She likes to shake her tambourine and then pass it to me so that I can shake it and sing.

Still screaming and strumming her lips on a regular basis but has slowed down on the kissing, raspberries and hugs.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Eating the Alphabet

That's right! Eating the Alphabet. Who is eating the alphabet you ask? Jenny is eating the alphabet. Our neurotic random-object-eating cat. Our cat who will not eat anything remotely pleasing to a "normal" cats palette. Turkey? nope. Tuna? nope. Milk? nope. Kitty treats? Nope. The most frustrating part of her food adversion is she won't even take a tiny nibble to see if it's something she would like or not. We have NEVER gotten Jenny to taste human food to this day. On the other hand, offer our little pica cat a price tag, string, packing peanut, ribbon or, most recently, foam alphabet letters and she'll go to town. This newest taste sensation resulted in yet another very expensive surgery and her mother spending the entire week after work running to and from the vet clinic that happens to be all the way across town. Starting on my Birthday none-the-less. I love Jenny. I do. But I'm not amused by her right now. Even less amusing is Rob accidentally putting her surgery on his debit card instead of the credit card. And even less amusing than that was my race to the bank to withdraw some emergency money to cover the accident and forgetting my pin number. The same number that I have had for the past seven years. I couldn't get to the money!! Oh well. It's been a week, but despite all my complaining, my week is MUCH MUCH better than the week that Jenny is having. Living under the bed while wearing a morphine patch waiting for your mom and dad to snatch you out every 12 hours to give you three pills is no fun. Here's a picture of the now retired alphabets. Now as for what to put in Cady's room that will cushion her falls but not entice our freak cat to feel like she is in a buffet line...we are open to suggestions.
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Saturday, March 3, 2007

She's DEFINITELY our child

Yesterday I posted about how Cady the extrovert is so different from her introverted parents. Today I'm going to post some pictures that prove that the apple does not fall too far from the tree. There are a few unphotogenic people in our families. I'm not naming names except to admit that I am one of them. The rest of you know who you are. Here are few pictures that we took of Cady today.

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Whose child is she...really?!

The reason I ask is because Rob and I, two introverts, have somehow produced a HUGE extrovert! It seems like everywhere we go, Cady attracts attention. At the grocery store, she will scream at the top of her lungs to get the attention of whoever it is that she has selected to pay attention to her. She squeals until that person ackowledges her, then she acts all cutesy and tries to engage them.

Music class is a prime example of her extroversion. Every single week, she manages to take center stage. This week, once the beginning song had started, she scooted up to Nolen (a baby slightly younger than herself), put her arms around him and kept trying to kiss him. We are all sitting in a circle, so everything that Cady does gets the full attention of the group. Once she was done kissing on Nolan, she butt-scooted up to the singing teacher and sat in her lap. She rarely sits in our lap anymore because she is on the go, but I swear she just sat calmly in Melissa's lap while Melissa sung and clapped because she was able to share all the attention that Melissa gets since she is the teacher. Now all eyes were on Melissa and Cady.

Once Cady was finished with Melissa's lap, she butt-scooted over to another boy on the other side of the circle. This little boy, who was maybe 3-4 years old, was laying on his back while singing. Cady scooted up to him and started staring down at him with her head cocked. She also tried to grab his hair. I can't describe what was so funny about it, but it was definitely a comedic moment. Midsong, parents were laughing instead of singing. The little boy was NOT amused. Cady then hung out with that little boy and his parents, screaming and squealing and having a good time. Cady pretty much ditches us at music class on a regular basis now. It's pretty funny b/c Rob and I end up singing and playing all by ourselves. It's as if it's OUR music class. So, maybe it has something to do with two negatives equaling a positive, but we definitely have a child who is the polar opposite of her parents.