Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Holidays are a-comin

It's October? Really? What happened to August and September? I'll tell you. Gone. Time spent driving the kids to and from school. Ballet, Tap, Music Class, and Gymnastics. Physical Therapy for me twice a week. Trying to squeeze in exercise. And then school events. Blogging time? Forget about it. When we are not running I just want to turn off.

School has been going well. We are really happy with Cady's school. She is so excited about learning again and she is growing by leaps and bounds. She is starting to sound out words and attempting to link those sounds together to make her own written words. Coben is in love with his new BFF Leo. There was a time when I would come to pick him up and he would run to me, hug me and head for the door. And now it's a fight to get his shoes on and I have to practically beg him to leave with me.
The picking Cady up from school ritual is beautiful. Every single day, whether we are pressed for time or not, we MUST engage in the rituals.
The rituals:
We park the car and enter the building. Coben must open the door all by himself. He waves to the security guard. We have to stop and look in all of the display cases. We must then run up the ramp and get a drink from the water fountain. Then it's running down the hallway and looking in the display cases up there. Then we walk into the room and Coben shrieks, "Cady!" and runs in to find her to give her a hug. As I'm checking out he must wash his hands and dry them. And then we leave and we repeat the rituals on the way out with the addition of climing up onto the wall and running on the ledge. And he must sit on the end before he gets down. If any of this is out of order or not done there is a price to pay and it's not pretty. I made the mistake one day of using the restroom and for days afterword Coben ran to the restroom and yelled, "mama!" because he was sure that using the restroom was a new addition. Anyhow, it's very trying but watching him burst into the room to find his sis is priceless. Watching him mimic everything that she does when they walk out of the school together is better than priceless.

Cady is going to be a fairy for Halloween. I am going to be a tooth fairy. Rob and I haven't really dressed up since we've had kids so I thought I'd surprise her this year and join her in the fairy theme. She and I went to the thrift store and wedged ourself into this tiny dressing room placed right at the head of the check-out lines which were hellaciously busy since it was 50% off day. If you were one of the customers waiting in line you probably heard me raise my voice more than a couple of times, "Cady, quit opening the door when I'm undressed!" What can I say, the kid fidgets. And fidgeting with the door lock is not exception. I decided that trying on large pouffy dresses with a four year old in a 2'x2' cube is no fun and I have no doubt that Cady would agree with me. But we ARE outfitted. Rob, not so much. I tried to find him something but let me tell you. One sure way to offend Cady is to suggest that her dad dress up as ANYTHING with a feminine flair. Whew!

And here comes Christmas. Cady doesn't watch tv anymore except for one show at night if she has earned it. Saturday and Sunday we are more liberal and she has been known to watch a few Sponge Bob's in a row before we shut it off. And with tv comes tv commercials. Nearly every commercial elicits this response:
"Mom, Dad, I want this!"
"What does it do?"
"I don't know but I want it!"
"Mom, Dad, I want this! It bends and twists and you can tie it up and it's only 19.99 but you have to be 18 to order and you get a free extra bendy-twisty thing if your order now!"
I made her a little book tonight. The plan is for her to use it to cut and paste pictures of what she wants into it so that we can later discuss. Really, it's a way to channel all of those wants and hopefully she'll see how accumulative those wants are and realize the challenge in narrowing down her top wants.

Cady vocab. I've been writing these down.
Hump-is=Compass (mine and Rob's personal favorite. Arrested adolescent humor I guess)

And Coben. Yes folks, he can talk. Things are finally clicking for him and he realizes that words=power. "No" is a favorite. "Cady" ranks right up there too. He's just a talking machine. And he is still sleeping. I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall but it hasn't yet. We tuck him in and he's out. He does like to wake up at 5 and for lack of better SUCKS. But, it sure beats the all night wake ups that another little person used to put us through. And naps are a breeze. We so deserve this. We paid our dues into this club.

Wall-E. Still an asshole. Rob is sitting here with me and that was his contribution to the blog. :) He's our asshole though and the kids love him. He'll never be a cat and one day we'll come to terms with that.

Jenny and Fibi. Our fair-weathered friends are back to sleeping with us again now that Fall is in the air. Jenny has been hacking. In fact, she pretty much did it next to my ear all night long last night. Please please please don't let her have another obstruction.

Why does this feel like a Christmas letter? I remember that Rob and I started to feel normal after Cady was about 2. So, seeing as how Coben has about 5 more months I'm confident that the blog will be more bloggy and less Christmas-lettery sometime after March. Eek, I will be 40!!

I think I'll go process that!