Monday, July 28, 2008


We received an offer on our house. 25,000 less than our already twice reduced asking price. We offered to knock 10 off, the buyer walked. Oh well. At least we received our very first bona fide offer. Woohoo!!

Had our first ultrasound today. There's another rice in there! Healthy heartbeat, measurements look good. Estimated due date by ultrasound standards is March 9th but they'll keep the March 6th due date since it's less than a weeks difference. At any rate, if we have anything other than a Pisces we'll be shocked (and annoyed since that will mean two extra weeks of being pregnant, lol).

Cady's impressed by the whole baby in mommy's tummy thing. I feel a little bad because now she always asks me if my tummy hurts and if I need to go to the Dr. since she was aware of me not feeling good last week (or was it the week before?) She's also informed me that Fibi (YES, our litte Twiggy-cat Fibi) has a big belly and is going to have a baby. And today at the mall she pushed her stomach out really big and told me that she too will be having a baby. She likes to come up to me and tap my stomach and say, "What the heck, baby?" Before you ask why she does that I'll just let you me! She also comes up to me and says really sweet, "hi sweetie mommy", kisses my belly and says, "hi sweetie baby!" It's quite...sweet. It's a lot of fun watching her try and wrap her little mind around this whole concept.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not a Cady blog...

But we've had a showing pretty much every day the past week-and-a-half and we've had five in the past two days. Wish us luck everyone! We may still have a chance to sell! If not now, then we have to wait two years and there may be condos next door by then which will make it even harder to sell!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I really must be pregnant!

I decided on Friday that we should make some nachos today. I've talked about almost nothing else for the past two days. Nearly every conversation I manage to drop in an idea for the nachos, "Oh, you know what we should get? We should get some of that salsa from the Farmer's Market." Well, I didn't really realize I was doing this until last night when we were in bed. Just as we were drifting off to sleep (heck, Rob probably was already asleep) I exclaim, "You know what?? We have left-over steak in the fridge!!!!!! That would be so good if we cubed it up for the nachos!" I'd say this qualifies as a food craving (I didn't have cravings until at least my second trimester last time!)
So, when we were grocery shopping for the week I thought it would be a great idea to get everything for nachos and have taco salad one night and enchiladas another night.

Update: Ugh..the nachos weren't all that I thought they would be. I ended up feeling nauseous just a few bites in and now I'm wondering what the heck was going through my head to buy all the stuff to make Mexican meals three times this week! And doesn't my dear husband have *some* responsibility to not let me do things like this? It's not his first pregnancy, he should know better! You be the judge! LOL

Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Names?

Any ideas? Rob and I are looking for any and all suggestions! We won't know the sex for about 3 more months so this may be a bit premature, but for fun, throw some out there if you have any!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Based on today's showing...

I have a new Murphy's Law.
The wetter you are, the more likely you will have people show up unexpectedly.

So yesterday I said that there is a Murphy's Law of Real Estate. If you burn a whole pound of bacon and there is no way to air your house out well enough to get rid of the will have a showing.

If you have morning sickness and feel like doing nothing but laying down in your own will have a showing.

And for today....

If you are wet and your daughter is will have a showing.

We were "supposed" to have a showing between 11:30 and 1:30. So, I took Cady to the pool and to McDonalds for as long as I could and then get home after the scheduled showing time. Cady, who had a great time is worn-out and fast asleep in her bed. Me? I'm still sitting in my soggy clothes that I threw over my wet suit. It's 2:00 when the doorbell rings. Yup. The 11:30-1:30 showing has arrived!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's heeeere

Morning sickness that is. I woke up this morning and made plans with a friend to take the kids to the pool (boy is that term tainted now!). Within minutes after making arrangements a wave of nausea swept over me so strongly that I had to lay down. Once I was down, I couldn't get back up. I had no idea how I was going to take care of Ms. On-the-go-all-the-time Keenan in my state. Let me tell you what a trooper she was. I told her that I had ouchies in my tummy and we put on a video. She NEVER sits through short videos let alone the one I was proposing...Cinderella! A full-length Disney movie. I'm so proud of her, she did it! She didn't jump all over me, roll around, wrestle me, jump on the bed, beg me to fly her around on my legs...all the usual things she does when she is confined to the bed. She laid there with me. And we watched a movie together. And she made it 3/4 of the way through before getting up to play with her trains. Then Rob called to say we had a showing. I figured that would happen just like I knew it would happen yesterday because I burnt an entire pound of bacon in the oven. Just one of those Real Estate Murphy's Laws. So, nauseated or not I jumped in the shower and frantically did some last minute cleaning.
We left the house and I pulled over on the side of the road, parked under a tree and just felt sick for a while. And Cady? She rolled with it. I'm so proud of her. Once the nausea passed we spent the next couple of hours killing time. Lunch, Post Office, Diaper Shopping, Canteloupe shopping and a stop at the resale boutique. It was the last stop that Cady walked over to me sorting through clothes and informed me that she peed. I thought, "Oh, she is into the whole potty thing now and is aware of when she is peeing." Then I looked down and noticed that her legs and shoes were wet. Oh no!! I ran to where she was playing and sure enough, she left a big puddle on the floor. In my state of nausea I completely forgot to change her before we left and hadn't changed her since she woke up that morning. NICE!!! Fortunately we were at a Children's resale boutique and I was able to purchase some replacement clothes since naturally I didn't pack anything in my haste to get out the door. So, after spending 3 hours killing time we went home and I was soooo looking forward to cooling off and resting. No sooner had I put all of our packages down when I heard the doorbell. It was the real estate agent and his client. They were running really behind schedule and would I mind if they looked at the house? So Cady and I packed it up and trotted over to the unshaded park on a 97 degree afternoon to "play". Oh the joys of morning sickness, selling a house and raising a toddler!

Murhpy's Laws:
The sicker you are, the more likely it is that you will have a showing.
The more you want to be at home increases the likeliness that you will have to stay out longer.
The less prepared you are, the more likely it is that you will have an accident involving bodily fluid

I Can Go Potty

We've gotten nowhere with potty training this summer. All I've really managed to teach Cady is that sitting on the potty=chocolate. Once a day she says, "I want to try and potty, I need chocolate." So, maybe the M&M method was a little misguided. Of all the times that she has sat on the potty, she's never gone. We sit and read, I give her cups of water to drink, I've run the water, nothing!
Yesterday, Rob, Cady and I went to the Library. Cady saw a potty video and wanted to check it out. We got home and she wanted to watch it. Okay. I pop it in and she who sits still for nothing actually sat in my lap and watched the entire video without getting up once! As soon as the credits rolled she announced, "I have to go pee and poop." I get her chair and bring it to the living room (expecting more of the same). She sits down, jumps up and shows me a little splash of pee. Woohoo! Then she sat down and finished. It was a very exciting moment! So, I'm not expecting miracles but how cool that it only took a video that explained it the "right" way to her for her to have an AHA! moment and be able to do it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nap Time

I'm not sure what "normal" kids do during nap time but it's probably not this. Not only did she destroy her room, get into her winter clothes and decide to wear a shirt as a skirt...but she's diaperless too! At least she knew enough to feign semi-guilt in the first picture.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th weekend in Glenwood Springs

This was our first family trip where it was just us. We had a really great time and should have done it long before this. It's been way too long since we have all had time together that has been unhurried and unstressed.This last year has been an absolute roller coaster. We decided to put the house up for sale. I had my worst professional year ever. I immediately felt the ramifications of "blowing the whistle" this year and the result is finding out last week that I have been replaced at the school that I have been at for nine years. For me to decide not to fight it based on the principal was a really difficult decision. I would have been able to fight it easily but it would have meant returning to a place that I now have complete distrust for. It didn't seem to make sense. So, the next day I had to move nine years worth of stuff out of my office as well as clear out the entire baby boutique (truckloads!!)and I somehow managed to lose Rob's window in the door panel while using his truck to move. That morning I also found out I was pregnant.
Yet, as we were sitting on the patio having dinner on our last night in Glenwood Springs and Cady was chattering on about swimming and riding the train and other fun stuff she had done, I had this overwhelming sense of happiness. I just felt that everything in my life both good and bad have brought me to this point and I was sitting there with what really matters. I have a husband who is not only the best husband but an amazing dad. A daughter who is full of life and keeps us laughing. And one on the way.
Anyhow, to the pictures:
This is Cady's new ride (Rob's b-day present)

July 3rd picnic and fireworks. Cady bragged the entire next day about how brave she was during the fireworks. Our friend Gretchen and her daughter (Cady's bff) Emma.

Us on the train. Gross picture of me but Cady's angry face was too cute not to post.

Ridigng the train in Georgetown.

Asleep in the car after the train and lunch. It made for a nice and quiet trip to Glenwood Springs

Cady and dad in the hot springs

The Springs

And this is what Cady did the ENTIRE time we were at the Springs.

Finally Cady was able to put on some "real" clothes once we got home!

Last cute story. The drive home was looooong. Holiday traffic backed things up for quite some time. Cady was CRABBY! She kept doing things that are normally things that would warrant a time out. Screaming at us, yelling no, etc. At times it was pretty funny to hear Rob and Cady fighting back and forth.
Cady: "Aghhhhhh! Wahhhhh! Ouchie, ouchie!!"
Rob: "Cady, quit poking yourself in the eye"
Cady: "No daddy! Stop!"

After several of these exchanges of Cady yelling at Rob to stop, he told her, "Cady, you are in the corner." I'm driving thinking, "Oh yeah, that's a good one. She strapped in a car she is going to fall for that." Well, she fell for it. She immediately got quiet and after a minute she was pleading to Rob to come out of the corner. "Daddy, can I come out of the corner?" She was sent to the corner twice in the car. I love it!