Sunday, December 27, 2009

Two more


Snipper- n long vertical velcro closure

Raper Papper- n the paper that holds a cupcake AKA cupcake wrapper

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas and more

Oh the joys of Christmas. Last year was fun but it's nothing compared to this year. As I type this (in between making two cheeseballs, deviled eggs and a pineapple upside down cake) Cady is about ready to burst from the excitement that 1) Santa is coming tonight 2) She gets to go to Emmas later for a visit 3) She gets to open a persent tonight 4) She gets to open lots of presents tomorrow. Right now, she is "orzan-gizing" the gifts under the tree for the umpteenth time. Much like her father she can spend mass amounts of time doing this. The gifts need to be in the right place and all of the little tears in the paper need taping. She announced to me about an hour ago, "I have a lot of work to do today mom" and she has been at it ever since.
Speaking of "Orzan-gizing" I have missed way too many opportunities to write down the cute expressions and word substitutions that come out of Cady's mouth. Considering I remember mostly NOTHING these days I'm not sure what made me think I'd be able to recall them at a later date. One night Cady was putting together a puzzle all by herself. The puzzle was of a little girl. Once Cady got the girl's hair together she yelled, "Look mom! I did a hair pile!" Now, anytime she says something cute, Rob and I have the code word "hair pile". This morning she told Rob she knows how to crack an egg. Rob asked her how and she responded, "Well first you get the egg and you go head-to-head..." The dot dot dot is because I have no idea what she said after that as I got stuck on the head-to-head part.
Meeting Santa was a joy this year. Santa is a very soft-spoken man and this was great for Cady who was a little reluctant to visit. Within minutes she was eating out of his hands. I say minutes because he spent a lot of time with her. He showed her his giant golden key that unlocks all of the doors of kids who do not have chimneys. He pulled out a small velvet bag that had a bell inside. Cady was able to ring the bell. He was absolutely magical. Coben, on the other hand, was not a fan. He was fine sitting on Santa's knee. And then there was a long moment of both Santa and Coben getting a good look at each other. The next thing that happened was Coben's little bottom lip came out, his eyebrows scrunched and then the tears came. He's had a little stranger anxiety lately as it is, but I'm sure it was compounded by the large white beard and hat.
So, we try not to use the empty threat of "Santa is watching and if you are naughty..." because 1)it's not a threat we are willing to follow through with 2)I can't tell you how bored of hearing it I was growing up 3) Santa is unconditional love. BUT I found that in desparate times it packs quite a punch. We had a little resistant hair-washing this morning and a big attitude to go along with it. All I had to say was, "Huh, if Santa sees everything then he can see this. I wonder what he would think" and the fight was over. hehe. I think used sparingly it's quite nice. :)
Christmas Miracle Alert! The tree survived with both a baby and a puppy!! In fact, neither one of them seem overly-impressed by the tree or the gifts under it. Wall-E had one brief moment where he lost his mind and ate two ornaments and unwrapped two gifts. I think that had more to do with mom having a really bad day and he just wanted to add to the mix. Other than having a brief puppy moment it's been great especially considering what a mover Coben has become. That kid can travel. Cady was a pretty stationary baby so it's strange to have one that rolls, sits, pulls-up, cruises, crawls and scoots. And exhausting. Cady was exhausting too but in a different way. I have a feeling that Coben will be climing baby gates before long.
Cady and Coben continue to get along great. We probably have Wall-E to thank for this as he has assumed the role of "pesty little brother". He and Cady fight ALL...THE....TIME! Cady atagonizes, Wall-E gets wound up and nips, Cady yells at Wall-E (or cries to us, both equally frustrating). And I think that makes Coben the lesser of all evils. I LOVE watching Coben and Cady play together now. They sit on the floor together and play with toys. The love between them is beautiful. And Cady is our hypervigilant third set of eyes. She is so watchful of everything Coben is doing. She protects him and makes sure he isn't getting into anything that he shouldn't be. And there seems to be a lot of that lately as Cady's favorite toys seem to be non-toys. Little trinkets in boxes. Rocks and buttons and any small thing she can get her hands on. Moving infant and small trinket combo let me tell you.
That's about it on the home front. I have Christmas goodies to make and I have a student's mom running some tamales by in a bit (lucky me!) so I should get dressed. Merry Christmas everyone.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Another one for the archives

I should know better than to use certain words. But I spent 18 years growing up in a dog grooming shop and around breeders and dog show people. And then the following ten were spent working in veterinary hospitals. The word "hump" was part of my everyday life so I didn't think twice before using it around Cady. Wall-E loves to hump Cady. It's part of his large personality and there is a constant battle for dominance between him and Cady. So anytime Cady is on the ground, Wall-E runs over and tries to hump her back. We tell Cady constantly, "Do NOT let Wall-E hump you! Get up off of the ground and be bigger than him!" It's getting better but can still be a problem.
One morning a couple of weeks ago, Rob walks up behind Cady and puts his arms around her and gives her a giant bear-hug from behind. What does Cady say?

"Daddy, stop humping me!"