Friday, December 4, 2009

Another one for the archives

I should know better than to use certain words. But I spent 18 years growing up in a dog grooming shop and around breeders and dog show people. And then the following ten were spent working in veterinary hospitals. The word "hump" was part of my everyday life so I didn't think twice before using it around Cady. Wall-E loves to hump Cady. It's part of his large personality and there is a constant battle for dominance between him and Cady. So anytime Cady is on the ground, Wall-E runs over and tries to hump her back. We tell Cady constantly, "Do NOT let Wall-E hump you! Get up off of the ground and be bigger than him!" It's getting better but can still be a problem.
One morning a couple of weeks ago, Rob walks up behind Cady and puts his arms around her and gives her a giant bear-hug from behind. What does Cady say?

"Daddy, stop humping me!"