Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The last month...

I know, it's been a long time. I can't believe how exhausted I've been. My normal bedtime of 11:00 has been altered. Lately, well, almost every night, I fall asleep around 8:00 on the couch watching tv. I usually get about three, "P, should we turn off the show and watch it laters" from Rob to which I always respond, "No, I want to watch it." After the third time Rob turns off the tv and lets me sleep. He wakes me up to go to bed after a couple of hours. I think this is my body trying to front-load two consecutive hours in order to make it through the night. Coben still wakes up a lot. Having him share a room with Cady is hard because we can't just let him cry for a bit to see if he can turn the corner on his own. Nope. We have to get up and do what we can to keep him quiet. We've learned the hard way. Once Cady has been awoken, the kids just take turns keeping each other (and us) up the rest of the night. So, Coben sleeps until about 2 or 3 and then he's up every hour after that and sometimes he's just up for the day at 4:30. It's so funny to think of the days when Rob and I would sleep in until 9 on the weekends. It makes me wonder if our bodies would even know how to do that anymore given the chance. I'd have to say the worst affect of sleep deprivation is doing dumb stuff. I've already been known to be a tad bit on the spacy side. Add in lack of sleep and I'm a flaming mess!
Rob: "Why did you put a bowl of pomegranate seeds in the cupboard last night?"
Rob: "Seriously? You are staring at the tv screen this whole time but want me to recap everything that happened on Survivor the last five minutes?"
My intern (quite often): "I'm not sure what you were thinking when you did that."
Cady: (several times now): "Mom, why are you putting Coben in MY car seat?"

Anyhow, what's going on in the Keenan house bedsides lack of sleep?

We have a fence! This is one of the big highlights! The yard is excellent and looks much bigger and is certainly more functional.I'm starting to like Wall-E more now that we have a fence. He hasn't had any accidents, he hasn't destroyed the house while I've been distracted by doing something with or for the kids and I don't have to get everyone dressed in order to take him outside to use the bathroom, yay! And we have a yard for the kids to play in. Cady can go outside when she needs to and play without waiting for someone to watch her. She may be getting some walkie-talkies for Christmas..

Another development is that we decided that we are going to stay in the house for at least one more year before making any decisions to pop the top or move. The bottom line is that we can't afford to do all of the repairs all at once and we don't have to move. We are going to continue dumping money into the house by doing the improvements that we want it to essentially make it into the home we want it to be and then we'll decide. So, projects on the horizon are: New bathroom, new furnace, Central A/C, indoor wall repair, brick repair, interior and exterior paint. We may possibly look into what it will take to set the bar back a little more so that we can fit a real dining room table into the kitchen. It sounds like a lot of work and it sounds expensive but overall it should be less work and less expensive than moving. And it will give us the opportunity to see what the neighborhood has in store. There are indicators that our house may only continue to appreciate...which it has been doing quite a bit already the last few months.

So, it's not a real blog without including Cady-isms. These are recycled from Facebook but my hope one day is to print this off for the kids so all Cady-isms need to make the blog.
The other night I was cooking ravioli. I called Rob earlier in the day to see if we had nutmeg. So as I'm cooking, I open the spice drawer to find nutmeg and I don't see it. I start talking outloud, Where's the nutmeg? I know we have nutmeg because daddy said we have nutmeg." Rob enters the room at which time my assistant chef Cady says, "Daddy, you are a nutbag!"
Every day Cady comes home from school talking about letters that she has learned. She usually gets the order backwards but the letter right. "Mom, C starts with Cookie! I know what Z starts with...Zip!" So she was playing by herself the other morning and brings me a box of peanuts and says, "here's some peanuts for you mom!" Then she stops in her tracks and lights up. "Hey mom, I know what starts with peanuts! Penis! Penis starts with peanuts!!"
Cady is super-excited about Christmas. She circles and cuts out pictures of things that she wants in the catalogues. She is very adamant though about not wanting boy toys. The problem is that there are very few girl toys that she doesn't want! We're going simple this Christmas with the gifts and hope to spend more time making lots of fun memories. I can't wait to make Christmas cookies, sprinkle glitter on the lawn for Santa's reindeer and spend xmas eve Santa-watching. Three is such a magical age and I know that this Holiday season will be a good one.

Coben. He's doing great. He's still not crawling but he can do a mean scoot backwards. He's constantly stuck in corners and trapped underneath furniture. What he really loves to do is stand. He's just recently started creeping along furniture. He's all boy! Cady was so stationary at this age. We could put her somewhere and she'd just stay. If she saw gates she'd realize that it was an off-limits area. I have a strong suspicion that Coben will see gates as something to conquer. He's saying "mama", waving, and clapping. My most favorite thing is the car. Cady ALWAYS holds his hand in the car. And recently, as soon as he gets situated in his car seat next to his big sister (OMG I'm tearing up as I type this), he reaches out his arm for his sister to hold his hand. And no matter how far our destination, they hold hands until we get there.

Wall-E. I suppose the little guy needs his own blog space now. He's doing good. He definitely has a very stong little personality. He sit on Coben ALL THE TIME. He loves that kid and seems to see him as a pack member that needs protection. He'd like to put Cady in her place as well but the two of them have a love-hate relationship. Cady is constantly atagonizing Wall-E and Wall-E gets excited and nips. Cady yells and runs which excites Wall-E even more. Rob and I are constantly yelling, "Cady, just tell him 'no biting' and slowly walk-away!" What a waste of breath. As I mentioned, he's doing great with potty training and he rarely nips..the rest of us at least. He can sit, stay, "leave it", shake, lay down and sometimes roll on command. He's bossy and opinionated but seemingly very loyal and devoted. The terrier in him is very apparent with his big personality and his love of digging, nipping and chasing cats. Something is happening to him though. The older her gets the spottier he gets...like...dare I say it...Dalmatian spots!!! Noooooooo!

Okay, you can all probably tell that I must be at work today or there is no way I'd have written a fraction of what I wrote. My lunch break is now over and I think everyone is pretty well caught up! I really hope that things slow down a bit so you all can get back to reading snippets instead of looooooong blogs.


Starin said...

What a great post! I didn't know Coben was saying Mama - how exciting!

Great Aunt Sophie said...

For the blog addicts, long, short we crave them all!! So once again Paula, thx for the update. And I'm glad you're putting things on here even if they've been on FB_ I just think that this is such a wonderful piece of documentation. I can only imagine what it will be like for C & C to read this when they are older. The hand holding: SO sweet, I can just see it!! And glitter for the reindeer?? Where have I been all these years-wowie!!

MiMi said...

We LOVE long blogs!! I'm counting the days til I get out there and in the meantime, the blog and FB will have to do. And lots of developments to take note of. Question: is glitter on the lawn to trap reindoor hoofprints?

KK said...

Penis starts with peanuts! He he :)