Monday, October 26, 2009

First Parent Teacher Conference

It went well!
Some of the highlights:
*Cady is one of the most empathetic kids the teacher has ever had in her class. She said she cares about her classmates and is the first to help when they need help with anything.
*Her social skills are spot-on. She hasn't had any problems with any of the kids and plays well with everyone. She has one good friend who wants to play with Cady all the time but isn't always very nice to her. The teacher says that Cady handles it very appropriately by playing with other kids when that friend is acting aggressive. The teachers said that Cady plays with all kids regardless of their race which is not always the case with three year olds when they encounter kids who are different.
*The teacher said she is very smart and would like to start pulling her into the four year old group because she has mastered the three year old curriculum and is not very challenged by it.

I was the happiest to hear about her being so empathetic to her peers. Smart is great and will help her in life but what good is being smart if you don't care for those around you?


KMK said...

Go Cady! And your last point is so true.

MiMi said...

That's our girl!!!