Friday, January 25, 2008

Potty Training

Holy cow! I'm not sure what happened but Cady decided she wants to start using the potty. A couple of nights ago she wanted to sit on the potty so we brought it out to the living room and she sat and watched tv and pottied. She was so excited that she kept talking about it "I went pee pee in potty" and Rob said even when he put her to bed it was the last thing she said before he left the room.

Well, flash forward to this morning. Cady was up a LARGE part of the night last night so I was exhausted. She was in bed with me when the alarm went off. I asked her to turn it off and she did and I fell back asleep (she must have dozed with me) and overslept so I REALLY had to kick it into high gear to get ready for work on time.

So I'm out of the shower, I've got Cady dressed, I'm trying to cook her breakfast. She says she has to pee. I undress her put her on the potty and wait as long as it takes. She says she's all done, I rediaper her and resume cooking. A few minutes later she says she has to pee. I undiaper her again, put her on the potty and wait as long as it takes. She says she's all done. I resume cooking. I put her meal on the table she starts crying and says she has to poo-poo. (She was constipated today, she cried yesterday too when she said she had to poop) So by now, you know that I took her diaper off, put her on the potty and waited as long as it took. There was a fourth time at 8:25. Well, usually at 8:30 Cady's nanny arrives and I walk out the door. Today at 8:30, Cady's nanny arrives and I'm sitting on the bathroom floor only half-dressed for work with no make-up and wet hair. FUN! I looked like a drowned rat most of the day (my new mommy potty-training look I guess) b/c I didn't have time to do my hair.

Experienced moms...tell me that the novelty eventually wears off and it won't be like this every morning. Lie to me if you have to. Please!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wishes for Andy

Andy is the son of a friend of ours in Minnesota. We became friends because we are in the same online Birth Club...moms of babies born in April 2006. I've never met Barb in person, but after going through pregnancy together and sharing all of our experiences of new mommyhood thus far I feel like I know her better than many people that I talk to in person on a regular basis. We've talked on the phone, we've sent personal messages and we are always on the message board together. Every Friday since birth I have seen pictures of Andy and I've watched him grow. Barb is the sweetest woman in the world. She is our Wiggles connection, sent me a Christmas present this year and Andy was Cady's 2007 Valentine.
On Tuesday of last week Andy came down with the flu. Barb did everything that you should do for the flu. She gave him lots of fluids, she took him in on Emergency to be seen. She called the pediatrician three times on Wednesday and was told that they were doing all they could for the flu. She was told it was a virus and to make sure that he was still having wet diapers..a sign that he was not becoming dehydrated. By Thursday morning Andy started having seizures brought on by dehydration (although he was drinking pedialyte and having wet diapers). The seizures caused Andy to have a couple of strokes and then cardiac arrest. All of these things caused Andy's brain to swell. He's been in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit since Thursday hooked up to all kinds of machines to help him breathe and machines that pump drugs into his tiny little body.
A miracle happened! The Doctors were expecting a fatal outcome and then suddenly the swelling on his brain subsided. Slowly, day-by-day they are reducing the interventions. Saturday morning Andy opened his eyes and coughed and was able to move the right side of his body. By Monday, the heavy duty drugs were taken away, last night they removed his IV's, and today if everything is still looking positive they will remove his breathing tube. Andy endured the most damage to the frontal lobe of his brain, The Occipital has a small mass, and then there are some smaller cell damages throughout the back of his brain. Minor stuff really when a fatal outcome was expected.
Andy is a fighter and his parents have endured what I know to be my worst nightmare. If you pray, pray for this family. If you don't, please send some positive thoughts their way.

Monday, January 21, 2008


That's what Cady is!

Doesn't it just take your breath away when they mimic what you do? It takes mine away. I can't believe someone on this earth thinks that I am cool enough that she wants to do everything that I do. It's amazing...really.

We have a whole getting ready in the morning ritual. Whenever it comes time for make-up she runs over to me and yellls "MAKE-UP!!" and puts her face over the gate while I pretend to put mascara and face powder on her. She then walks over to where I keep my jewelery and points and tells me to put my jewelery on. Then she brings me my shoes and always reminds me to get my coat before I leave. She watches everything.

Today, she got a hold of one of my necklaces (and broke it but that was my fault for leaving it out) and she put it around her neck. She said, "Oh pretty" and then I watched her walk over to the full length mirror and do a twirl. And she did it exactly the way that I do it (according to Rob) where she showed one side to the mirror and then the other. I would have sworn that I don't do that, but he said that Cady does it exactly the same way that I do.

This morning we went to the store. We couldn't leave the house without her purse (just like mommy). At the store I said, "where would the water filters be?" and Cady said, "Ummm" and clicked her mouth. She did it three times like I do when I'm exaggerating something. Then she started looking for candy at the store and started calling, "Candy, where are you?" and started making kissing noises like I do when I'm calling the cats.

She has stolen all of my expressions. She says, "gosh" and "geez" just about as much as I do. She folds her arms now when she stands. Another thing that I had no idea that I do, yet I do constantly. She even sings like me, shaking her head back and forth with her mouth in the air when she sings, "meow meow meow meow!"

Bottom line is that I'm amazed at how much she picks much she watches me. I know that the day will come that she is going to realize how completely uncool I am and she'll start doing things her way and even rejecting the way that I do things. But for now....this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Daddy time!!

Just some cute pictures of Cady/Daddy time!

Wrestling Daddy!

It's hard to see the figure in the cart. It's Noah. He's in a tractor but he comes with an arc set. Well, there is no convincing Cady that this guys name is Noah. She is 100% convinced that it's Santa!

Giving Daddy a drink of water because playing makes you thirsty!

She-Woman Boy Hater's Club!

Would you believe that this kid is the founder and president of the club??

She's been having issues with other toddlers lately and Rob and I just realized that it's not just other's ONLY other toddlers of the opposite sex. She had her friend Mack over recently and it was the longest hour of playtime ever. She wouldn't let him touch ANYTHING in the house!

At the Dr.'s office she stalked and bullied this little boy that was about a month older than her. She nearly pulled his cheeks off of his face at one point which made me want to crawl under the chair in the waiting room and hide.

At music class this week (our first class where we are JUST meeting people for the first time) a mom entrusted her baby boy to me while she retrieved something from across the room. Cady reached across me and completely unprovoked pushed him and then tried to put him into some kind of head lock or something. That was pure joy when his mom came back and I'm trying to extricate her much younger son from my delicate little daughter's grip!

Oh...and how the list goes on!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Why do these new seating arrangements make me realize just how fast she is growing up? Bye-bye highchair!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ring around the Rosy gone bad!

What Ring Around the Rosy *should* look like

And what Ring Around the Rosy looks like when it's gone bad!

Cadence Isabelle....Fashionista!

The proof is in her choice of hats!

Why choose just one??

And this is how she came out of her room last night! She actually ran out with them pulled down below her eyes. I don't know if she could see through them or was just lucky...but she made it down the hall and into the kitchen!