Monday, January 21, 2008


That's what Cady is!

Doesn't it just take your breath away when they mimic what you do? It takes mine away. I can't believe someone on this earth thinks that I am cool enough that she wants to do everything that I do. It's amazing...really.

We have a whole getting ready in the morning ritual. Whenever it comes time for make-up she runs over to me and yellls "MAKE-UP!!" and puts her face over the gate while I pretend to put mascara and face powder on her. She then walks over to where I keep my jewelery and points and tells me to put my jewelery on. Then she brings me my shoes and always reminds me to get my coat before I leave. She watches everything.

Today, she got a hold of one of my necklaces (and broke it but that was my fault for leaving it out) and she put it around her neck. She said, "Oh pretty" and then I watched her walk over to the full length mirror and do a twirl. And she did it exactly the way that I do it (according to Rob) where she showed one side to the mirror and then the other. I would have sworn that I don't do that, but he said that Cady does it exactly the same way that I do.

This morning we went to the store. We couldn't leave the house without her purse (just like mommy). At the store I said, "where would the water filters be?" and Cady said, "Ummm" and clicked her mouth. She did it three times like I do when I'm exaggerating something. Then she started looking for candy at the store and started calling, "Candy, where are you?" and started making kissing noises like I do when I'm calling the cats.

She has stolen all of my expressions. She says, "gosh" and "geez" just about as much as I do. She folds her arms now when she stands. Another thing that I had no idea that I do, yet I do constantly. She even sings like me, shaking her head back and forth with her mouth in the air when she sings, "meow meow meow meow!"

Bottom line is that I'm amazed at how much she picks much she watches me. I know that the day will come that she is going to realize how completely uncool I am and she'll start doing things her way and even rejecting the way that I do things. But for now....this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Miss-buggy said...

ok that is super cute! Cooper does a lot of things like me or dad. Not really sure. I will have to pay more attention now. LOL. the joys of a girl hey!