Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th weekend in Glenwood Springs

This was our first family trip where it was just us. We had a really great time and should have done it long before this. It's been way too long since we have all had time together that has been unhurried and unstressed.This last year has been an absolute roller coaster. We decided to put the house up for sale. I had my worst professional year ever. I immediately felt the ramifications of "blowing the whistle" this year and the result is finding out last week that I have been replaced at the school that I have been at for nine years. For me to decide not to fight it based on the principal was a really difficult decision. I would have been able to fight it easily but it would have meant returning to a place that I now have complete distrust for. It didn't seem to make sense. So, the next day I had to move nine years worth of stuff out of my office as well as clear out the entire baby boutique (truckloads!!)and I somehow managed to lose Rob's window in the door panel while using his truck to move. That morning I also found out I was pregnant.
Yet, as we were sitting on the patio having dinner on our last night in Glenwood Springs and Cady was chattering on about swimming and riding the train and other fun stuff she had done, I had this overwhelming sense of happiness. I just felt that everything in my life both good and bad have brought me to this point and I was sitting there with what really matters. I have a husband who is not only the best husband but an amazing dad. A daughter who is full of life and keeps us laughing. And one on the way.
Anyhow, to the pictures:
This is Cady's new ride (Rob's b-day present)

July 3rd picnic and fireworks. Cady bragged the entire next day about how brave she was during the fireworks. Our friend Gretchen and her daughter (Cady's bff) Emma.

Us on the train. Gross picture of me but Cady's angry face was too cute not to post.

Ridigng the train in Georgetown.

Asleep in the car after the train and lunch. It made for a nice and quiet trip to Glenwood Springs

Cady and dad in the hot springs

The Springs

And this is what Cady did the ENTIRE time we were at the Springs.

Finally Cady was able to put on some "real" clothes once we got home!

Last cute story. The drive home was looooong. Holiday traffic backed things up for quite some time. Cady was CRABBY! She kept doing things that are normally things that would warrant a time out. Screaming at us, yelling no, etc. At times it was pretty funny to hear Rob and Cady fighting back and forth.
Cady: "Aghhhhhh! Wahhhhh! Ouchie, ouchie!!"
Rob: "Cady, quit poking yourself in the eye"
Cady: "No daddy! Stop!"

After several of these exchanges of Cady yelling at Rob to stop, he told her, "Cady, you are in the corner." I'm driving thinking, "Oh yeah, that's a good one. She strapped in a car she is going to fall for that." Well, she fell for it. She immediately got quiet and after a minute she was pleading to Rob to come out of the corner. "Daddy, can I come out of the corner?" She was sent to the corner twice in the car. I love it!

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