Monday, June 30, 2008

8 month is nearly an eternity...if you are two!

I was reading Cady a book before bed tonight. I shut the book and Cady says:

"I think we need to go to the store"

I respond with, "You think we need to go to the store, huh? For what?"

And what I was expecting was what she has told me every single day since Rob's birthday. That we need to go to the store because daddy wants cake.

Instead she says:

"To get a baby."

I respond, "The baby is at the store?"

And she wrinkles up her brow all serious like and I can tell she is really thinking this one through. She says, "Yeah, I'm thinking the baby is at the store."

Oh the poor kid. I think we told her waaaaay too early (but the video wouldn't have been the same with me wearing a big mama shirt telling you all I'm pregnant, right?)

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Starin said...

If only it was that easy. :)