Thursday, March 8, 2007

Eating the Alphabet

That's right! Eating the Alphabet. Who is eating the alphabet you ask? Jenny is eating the alphabet. Our neurotic random-object-eating cat. Our cat who will not eat anything remotely pleasing to a "normal" cats palette. Turkey? nope. Tuna? nope. Milk? nope. Kitty treats? Nope. The most frustrating part of her food adversion is she won't even take a tiny nibble to see if it's something she would like or not. We have NEVER gotten Jenny to taste human food to this day. On the other hand, offer our little pica cat a price tag, string, packing peanut, ribbon or, most recently, foam alphabet letters and she'll go to town. This newest taste sensation resulted in yet another very expensive surgery and her mother spending the entire week after work running to and from the vet clinic that happens to be all the way across town. Starting on my Birthday none-the-less. I love Jenny. I do. But I'm not amused by her right now. Even less amusing is Rob accidentally putting her surgery on his debit card instead of the credit card. And even less amusing than that was my race to the bank to withdraw some emergency money to cover the accident and forgetting my pin number. The same number that I have had for the past seven years. I couldn't get to the money!! Oh well. It's been a week, but despite all my complaining, my week is MUCH MUCH better than the week that Jenny is having. Living under the bed while wearing a morphine patch waiting for your mom and dad to snatch you out every 12 hours to give you three pills is no fun. Here's a picture of the now retired alphabets. Now as for what to put in Cady's room that will cushion her falls but not entice our freak cat to feel like she is in a buffet line...we are open to suggestions.
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KMK said...

What a week! Poor Jenny :( Too bad about the alphabet tiles too because they're really cute.