Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Mommy Brain??

Yesterday I spent the morning paying bills. I was quite proud of myself that I remembered to date the checks according to the new year. On each check I had neatly written January 2, 2008 and then they were promplty mailed off.
Later in the evening, I was enjoying some gummy cola bottles and I noticed on the bag the message "Best enjoyed by Jan 2007". How could I have JUST bought a bag of cola bottles that had expired a year ago! I started to vent about this to Rob, who of course looked at me like I was a crazy woman. He said something to the effect, good thing you are eating them now before they expire." It was then my turn to inform Rob that they had expired a year ago!! He said, "No, Paula, It is 2007" at which I actually argued that "No, we are in a new year now and it's 2008." In his defense, Rob not only showed me the calendar that was on his wall (thanks Sophie and Chris) but he took control of my mouse and clicked onto the lower right part of my screen where the date January 2, 2007 appeared.
These situations have happened far too frequently since Cady first inhabitated my body. I had really hoped that the birthing process would bring my brain back to me. So far, obviously not the case!


starin_pfeiffer said...

How did your computer get set to 2008?

Krumpledwhiskers said...

See? Now that is a good example! I had to go back and edit the blog after your comment to read "my computer said January 2, 200*7*

KMK said...

LOL! That reminds me. I need to write a check too. Let's see how well I do!