Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hi Ho, it's back to work I went

Day 1.
Before leaving for work I cuddled with my boy. I then fed him, watched him drift back to sleep and then I headed out for the day. Yeah, it was hard. It would have been harder if I didn't have a crazy complex situation walk in my door at around 7:30that morning. Nothing like that to take your mind off of things. Mid-way through the day as I was getting back into the swing of things I thought, "I really should not have taken some additional sick days. I can do this" (I got cold feet a couple of nights ago and asked to use some of my sick time to change my work week to 1-2 days a week rather than 2-3). That thought dissipated when I pulled up in the driveway and could already hear Coben crying before I even opened the door. I walked in and Alicja was doing all that she could to console him but he wasn't having it. I scooped him into my arms and he grabbed onto my neck and stopped crying. He still had those pathetic little whimpery, sobby sounds which is totally heart-breaking but my presence calmed him down. (now, why this doesn't work when i'm with him all day long i don't know!)Alicja said that she thought he might be colicky which made me laugh on the inside. Nobody knows colicky until they've met Cady at that age. Alicja started caring for Cady around the 4 month mark when colic usually starts to recede. At any rate, Alicja said that he cried most of the day. So now I don't regret reducing my time. It's one month, he's still little, and it's mostly transition work right now anyhow. I love my job. I really really love it. But I love my kids more.

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