Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Drum Roll Please

We had Coben's two month check-up yesterday. All the tests are in:

Spinal Tap-Negative

Cat Scan-Negative

Blood Work and UA-Inconclusive

Ultrasound of the Heart-Negative

Chest Xrays-Negative



So, the diagnosis is: "I don't know".

Nothing really fits and everything has been ruled out. I'm hoping that we can now just end this chapter and move onto the next one...please.

We are growing another big one though. He's 90th percentile for weight and 75th for height. Cady is still in the 75th percentile for both (she was always in 75th height and 90th weight just like Coben for her first year).

Cady refused to talk to Dr. Bacon. Dr. Bacon asked plenty of questions to assess verbal ability, processing, development, etc...and Cady wasn't budging on her refusal to speak. It's always funny to see her shut-down when 99.9% of the time she never stops talking! The pains that wake her up crying many nights? Growing pains. The knock-knees not expected to cause any problems.

Coben on the other hand was prescribed antacid. Dr. Bacon asked about his crying patterns. Does he cry at times even when he doesn't need anything? I was embarrassed to admit that "no, he is often inconsolable" because we've already been down this path once. I told her that he cries a lot (when he's not sleeping) but that it's nothing compared to Cady and we can handle it. Having 2 sisters and 2 brothers that I was old enough to remember through infancy I know it's not just the "normal" crying that babies do but I also did not want to go through what we did with Cady and try this and that and everything under the sun just to find out that there is no answer and it's something we'd have to ride through. We decided to just bypass looking for answers and let the fussiness pass in its own time. Besides, he sleeps a lot which makes it really not that bad because we get LONG breaks in between. BUT, after further assessment Dr. Bacon thinks he has a silent reflux. He has been congested nearly every day since birth and he eats every two hours day and night (which is a lot for his age)and he wants to be held constantly. All signs of silent reflux. The constant eating is him trying to get relief. We can't ever lay him down because it hurts. He also wakes up gasping sometimes. I didn't even share that part but now it makes sense. The other part that didn't make sense about his crying is that he is so laid-back. Cady was an intense baby, she never slept and the crying seemed to go hand-in-hand with her temperament but it just seems like a disconnect with Coben. Anyhow, if the antacid works then Rob and I might be able to have dinner at the same time and THAT is something to look forward to.
So, that's that.
I go back to work tomorrow and am hating it!

Last thought. I overheard this in the bathroom tonight while Cady was brushing her teeth:

Cady: Hey, that's Piglet.
Rob: Yup, that is Piglet. What does Piglet start with?
Cady: P. Piglet starts with P, just like mommy's name.

Man is she smart.

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Sonya said...

Oh, back to work already! It must be so hard! And as a former fellow acid-reflux sufferer, I can understand why he's crying! I sure hope the antacids do the trick -- fingers crossed on that one. And best wishes for your challenging day, dearie!