Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Tidbits

Sometimes I get lost when I'm driving. Sometimes it's me and sometimes it's mapquest. Okay, most of the time it's me. Cady's new thing, anytime we are in unfamiliar territory or I'm circling around looking for parking is: "Mommy, are you lost again? Do you need to call daddy for directions?"

And she's good for the mommy brain. Our first snow in a long time was last week. As I was dropping Cady off at school she asked:

Cady: Mom, did you bring my snowsuit?
Me: Yes
Cady: My boots?
Me: Yes
Cady: How about my gloves and hat?

And this was followed the next day by this inquiry as we were all loading up in the car.
Cady: Mom and Dad, Did you get Coben's diapers and wipes?

It appears that the kid realizes just how much help we need in our newborn fog. After all, we did forget diapers for Coben's first pediatrician appointment and had to ask the P.A. if they had a diaper on hand for us to have. And her response was, "It's okay. First time parents?" Aghhh. It was doubly embarrassing to answer that question.

Last night:

Rob was taking care of Coben in the office while Cady was eating dinner. Coben was letting out some good cries.
Cady: Hey Dad? Rooooob! You should try singing to Coben!

Here's something interesting. Cady has a song. Annie's Song by John Denver is Cady's song. The first time I realized this was when she was just over a year old. We were at the grocery store and the song came on. I could barely hear it and hadn't noticed until Cady stopped talking, got a look of wonderment on her face and said, "Mom!! It's my song!" And the other night I was flipping the tv and a John Denver special was on (okay, so what if I did stop and watch for a minute?) and he just happened to be singing Annie's Song. Again, Cady very excitedly started whapping me in the arm and yelling, "Mom, mom! It's my song!!!" I'm not sure what her connection is to that song, but it's clearly HER song!

And finally, she also has a tv show. She has declared that Good Eats (which she calls the Alton Brown show) is HER show. Good girl!


Great Aunt Sophie said...

I gather that Mimi also required a great deal of navigational assistance from Cady! And that Cady's final evaluation of Mimi's driving skills was not too favorable...Annie's song??? Where in the world does this come from?! As always, this funny little girl keeps me smiling!

KMK said...

Great tidbits! I'm sure Mimi is glad to know that she is not the only one who gets called out by Cady for getting lost :)

MiMi said...

O.K., you two - wait til you start chauffering her around!! Nothing escapes that munchkin! But Annie's Song - what the heck, people???? Will she be on Idol 10 years from now belting that out?

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Penny, I totally forgot that she called you out on your navigational skills as well! No, nothing escapes her. And we've got to get you into Idol on a regular basis...everyone's doing it. :)

Great Aunt Sophie said...

Yup, all the cool cats share the dirty little idol secret!