Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keeping up the Gosslins

Cady: Mom, I wanted two babies. A boy AND a girl.
Me: Cady, can you imagine two babies crying all the time?
Cady: Well, John and Kate have eight!

Body parts

Cady is running around naked
Me: Woo-woo, look at that cute little butt.
Cady: No mom, my butt is big like yours.

Follow-up from this morning as I'm getting out of the shower:
Cady: HEHE. Mom, your butt is really squishy.

On Calling 9-1-1
Me: Now let's go over it again. Show me on the phone how you call 9-1-1-
Cady: (dials 9-1-1 and says to me)-Now this is what I have to call if a witch flies in my window and I need a fire man.


Laughing, cooing, playing with his feet. Very sweet and getting more fun every day.
We attended CPR. We had the upper GI's and today was the "last" appointment with neurology. Nope, not really. Another $40 co-pay "I don't know" with a referral to a gastric specialist thrown in. Really small stuff in the big picture after spending time at Children's and seeing all the families that practically live there. I'll take the "inconvenience" of a lot of medical appointments any day over anything those parents are having to endure. :(

And finally---
Cady wants to go to the "Hair Porch" to catch a "Hairplane" to visit Sophie, Chris, Gigi and "Penny" (She actually said Penny instead of Mimi the other night while Starin was over). And Chris, Cady has been obsessed with your pony tail since you left. She wants to know why Uncle Chris has a pony tail. :)


Starin said...

She also mentioned the hair on Chris' chin... too cute.

KMK said...

Cady is hysterical.

Sorry to hear you have yet another appointment for Coben.

Great Aunt Sophie said...

And has she seen pictures of her Daddy with a pony tail??

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Cady has not seen a picture of her daddy with a pony but she has heard the legend.

Great Aunt Sophie said...

We'll have to dig out some of those photos for her!