Friday, May 8, 2009

The appointment that was not...

Coben's neurology appointment was for today but we didn't go. I tried. All of Coben's appointments have been in the medical complex at Lutheran Hospital because the Children's Hospital specialists are there once a week. So when I made the appointment I thought I was making it for Lutheran again. The scheduler told me it was in the outpatient pavillion. Having been there I know that there are several buildings and asked her specifically, "Could you tell me the building number". She said, "no building number, it's in the main entrance. It's the building next to where you had the cariology appointment(which was at Lutheran). So I get to Lutheran and NOBODY knows what I'm talking about. Turns out I'm at the wrong hospital and the other one is 45 minutes away so I've missed my appointment. At least the second scheduler gave me an address (aha! so there IS one!) but the next appt is not until the 20th. Okay. Whatever. But I found myself in tears. Not sure why, but I think I just wanted today to be the end of it all.

So I just got home and the triage nurse from Coben's pediatrician's office is on the phone and says, "I'm calling because Dr. Bacon and I have talked about this and we feel like it might be a good idea for you and your husband to attend a CPR class so I'm calling to help you schedule it." Now, I totally understand why they would say that but to hear those words spoken outloud when Rob and I are doing our best to believe that nothing is wrong, well, it just doesn't feel too good.

This blog is just to keep everyone in the loop. I promise, they'll get lighter again. I much prefer blogging about Cady giving child birth. Which, by the way, she did have twins yesterday. I know because she assigned me as her Doctor.

I just realized I do have a small Cady story. We were at Sunflower Market yesterday an there was a man in front of us who was in the process of balding. He had some hair left on the sides but was butt-naked up top. Cady said, "mom, that guy has no hair! He has no hair at all!" I reply, "Yes Cady." and in typical Cady fashion she repeats. "Yeah, but he has NO hair." I'm thinking, maybe this guy can't hear us. But he turns around and playfully bonks Cady on the head with a package of crumpets, hehe.

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