Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh Crap!!!

Thanks to Cady for taking the pictures!!
So I went to the rec center this morning to register Cady for summer preschool. While I was sitting in the lobby filling out paperwork I first smelt it then I felt it. Coben was sitting on my lap and I looked down and saw a great big puddle in my lap (of poop). Then I see that it is also on my arms and my shirt. There were others sitting there in the lobby so all I could do was jump up and bolt out of there. I'm completely embarrassed as I'm running through the parking lot. This is a big center and I parked far away of course. I'm holding Coben who is still leaking, his carrier, all the paperwork and trying to grab Cady so she doesn't get hit. I get to the car. Oh yeah. I lost my keys!! I had to trek back through the parking lot looking like I pooped myself and go back into the rec center and try to find my keys. I was mortified. Really mortified. I find my keys and we are leaving and Cady decides to play in the rocks outside. People are openly staring at me. I snap at Cady, "Cady, c'mon!" and she says, "Mommy, you need to relax and take a deep breath." hehe. She totally put it into perspective. The pics don't do it justice b/c this is 1/2 hour later after my drive home and it had time to absorb and lighten.


MiMi said...

You may have been mortified, but I am impressed by the post-Coben flat belly!!! And great job by the budding photog.

Starin said...

it kinda matches your shirt. :-)