Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Higher level of thinking

She's a bright one.
We went to the Wiggles Concert last week. Jeff, one of Cady's favorites, is approaching sixty. In the car, she was studying his picture and declared, "Jeff has wrinkles!" I confirmed that yes, Jeff has wrinkles. Cady then asked, "is it because he is getting older?" And I told her that it was in fact because Jeff is getting older. A few minutes passed and she then said, "Mom, Santa Claus is really really old and he does not have wrinkles." Good point.

Do you think it would really mess her up if I talked to her about Botax?


KMK said...

She is definitely focused on wrinkles :)

Great Aunt Sophie said...

I will have to steel myself for wrinkle scrutiny before our next visit!

Great Aunt Sophie said...

Guess I will have to steel myself for wrinkle scrutiny!

Great Aunt Sophie said...

Senility as well as wrinkles setting in. Sorry about the double post!