Monday, October 20, 2008

Pictures and ponderings

Cady was in the room during the ultrasound. She has been adamant about the baby being a girl. On the way to the clinic she said, "I want a girl, just like me." So, little Tate who is still on an anti-boy crusade was not pleasantly surprised with the announcement that she will be the big sister to a little boy. She is still convinced that we are wrong and it's a girl. Sigh.


It's unfortunate that we've used up so much garage space saving all of our favorite Cady outfits (buckets!) that will not be used again. At the same time it will be nice to finally start clearing up some space. It's a little overwhelming though thinking about starting a boy wardrobe from scratch! But at the same time probably a lot easier to limit ourselves to just a few pairs of blue jeans and t-shirts.

Why the heck did I buy hot pink curtains and other girly stuff? It might take a little while to figure out how to defeminize the room and make it a little more neutral for both. That's okay, I'll just recruit Starin to come over for a brainstorming session.

Trying to wrap my mind around having a boy. I wonder if this is a normal reaction after already having a child of the opposite sex? Girls just feel so familiar now.

The reality of it all! Even on a good day, when we finally have Cady to bed Rob and I usually just look at each other, sigh and say something like "Oh boy!" This is with ONE kid. "oh boy!"

Yikes! This means we can't keep delaying thinking about names. We now know that we are having a boy so we have to start thinking about boy names. Names are hard.

And now for the pictures...

The evidence that it's a little boy

Tell me if this picture wouldn't scare any mother?? (profile shots at 20 weeks are much cuter than straight on shots)

Not a bad picture even without all of his skin! I think he looks a bit like Rob here! The ultrasound techs were in playing around mode which is how we ended up with 3D's. They usually recommend the pictures further along when the baby looks a little less skeletonish and bumpy.


Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

Cute monster costume Barley has going on in that straight-on shot! ;) He really will be adorable, once you get a better camera angle. How could Cady's brother not be adorable?

"Trying to wrap my mind around having a boy. I wonder if this is a normal reaction after already having a child of the opposite sex? Girls just feel so familiar now." -Paula

And that is why I was so relieved to have a boy!

Rochelle said...

OMG Congrats Paula!!! A little boy is going to be a nice change! I never experienced what a lot of mothers say about being used to one sex and having to learn to deal with the opposite sex b/c I wanted a girl so bad, but I know there are ladies on PW who have had those thoughts.
And Cady will get used to the idea of a brother. My nephew wanted a baby brother and a baby sister and was very angry when he found out the twins were both girls, but now he could not be happier to meet his sisters.
I bet Rob is thrilled! :) Congrats again!

Sammy Jankis said...

Congratulations! PW is on the fritz so I didn't get to post there. It is really great that you'll get one of each.

Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

Oh, and you've been tagged:

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Sammy Jankis! I didn't realize that was you Alan! I approved your comment straight from my email so didn't have the benefit of a picture. I came back to remind myself of the name because I was going to post a PW "Who is Sammy Jankis" thread, lol. Thanks for the congrats!