Sunday, February 8, 2009

A tender mother daughter moment

So, I woke up this morning having signs of labor. The contractions have been continuing throughout the day.

Cady actually took a nap today!! As she was sleeping and I was continuing to have contractions I thought, "I'd really love to just climb in bed with her and cuddle. If I have a baby today, there may not be many opportunities for moments like this."

So I go into her room, slide into bed next to her, pull the covers over us both. Cady eyes flutter open, she looks at me, and yells, "GET OUT MOM!"

LMAO...Gotta love toddlers!


Starin said...

Classic! Do you think you are going to have the baby soon?

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Had you asked me earlier today I would have said I would be going in tonight. Thankfully the contractions have subsided and I think we'll have more time! I REALLY have a lot on my plate so it kind of freaked me out! I have that fundraiser that I'm organizing single-handedly, and I planned a field trip for the kids Wednesday night (I'm the only chaperone since I arranged it) and on and on....