Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm due March 6, my other friend is due March 7, and another friend is due March 9. We all have mutual friends so this morning they had a brunch for us.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Rob decides to take Cady to the park. She climbs up onto the play structure. It's 7' high with a big pole they can slide down.(Penny and Starin, you know the spot!) Normally Cady yells at one of us to catch her. A couple of times she has caught us by surprise but we've been close enough to catch her. Today? Today, Rob is talking to another dad while she is playing. She doesn't tell him that she is going to jump. He's not even anywhere close to where she is at. She just decides that today she is going to make a 7' jump down BY HERSELF. Success! She lands on her feet and no broken bones. She startled herself and Rob said there were a few tears b/c she had and instant group of adults and kids running over to see if she was okay. Rob said all the big kids at the park were surrounding her Oooing and Awwwwing and saying things like "I wouldn't even jump from there" so unfortunately she got lots of positive reactions (great!) I'm soooooo glad I was not there! I might have gone into labor watching something like that!


MiMi said...

Please tell her that MiMi will be very upset if she does that on my watch - yikes!!!! This reminds me of her aunt Katharine who climbed anything in her path from the age of about 6 months - and decided to follow her father to work one day when she was about 12 months. Seems to run in the family.

KMK said...

Good job, Cady! (except for the part about scaring your mom...)

I hadn't heard that one about me before :)