Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cady calls out the crop-duster

The three of us went grocery shopping late this afternoon and ran into a cloud of stench. It seems as though one member of the couple ahead of us was crop-dusting (that's the term for passing gas, continuing to walk and leaving a trail of stench). When we initially walked into it, I made a comment like "Oh wow Rob, tell me that wasn't you!" to which Cady yells and no doubt the couple can hear her, "Ohhhhhh! Somebody farted. Daddy farted! Daddy did you fart?" and she continues to not let it go as the couple disappears from site and proceeds to the next aisle. Okay, that was semi-embarrassing.

Then we hit the next aisle and we have now caught up again to this couple. There's no smell this time, but Cady has positively identified them as Crop-Dusters and immediately YELLS, "Who farted? Somebody farted! P-U! Who fart-ed, who fart-ed?" Who knows if I even needed anything down that aisle because I am literally pushing my cart as if I am competing in a shopping cart derby to get the heck out of their ear shot. Rob's following me laughing and as soon as I round the corner Cady starts laughing because she knows that she has said something really clever and worth repeating. I'm laughing on the inside but horribly embarrassed at the same time.

I do have to admit that when we ran into the crop-dusters for the third time and once again had to endure a green cloud the entire length of that aisle I became far less concerned with Cady calling them out. Who does that????