Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenny and Fibi!

Jenny and Fibi had a Birthday party this Wednesday. It's not really their birthdays but Cady has been dying to attend a birthday party and seeing as how there aren't any birthdays coming up in the near future, we decided it was time for Jenny and Fibi to have one. We decided to do it on Wednesday because that is the day of the week that we watch Emma. Every party needs a party guest, right? So all week long Cady was looking forward to the party. It's all she talked about. She picked out the cake at the grocery store. Pink Cake! (Strawberry). She picked out some presents for each of them and helped me wrap them. Then came the big day and Cady was nearly coming out of her skin with excitement all day. Then we found out that our party guest Emma was sick with a fever. What to do?

Starin received a panicked call from me, "What are you doing tonight? Any chance that you and Lilly would be willing to attend Jenny and Fibi's birthday party?" and she came through. Let the party begin!

Cady decorated the cake. Rob brought home balloons. We had frozen pizzas. Cady opened presents for the cats. And we played Don't Spill the Beans. Who could ask for anything more?

Cady and Cousin Starin

Pretty in Pink Party Dress

We call this Pink Cake with Purple Icing and lots of "Sprinklers"



MiMi said...

Those eyes!!!! Bette Davis eat your heart out! So, how did the girls enjoy their party - sounds and looks like everyone else had a great time.

KMK said...

What a great idea! I feel so unoriginal but every time I read a Cady blog I want to say she is just too cute! But the thing is, it's true every time ;)

Krumpledwhiskers said...

I love your comments!!

Krumpledwhiskers said...

And the girls were pretty anti-social during their party. All the fuss was about them yet we saw very little of them. Naturally they showed up at the very end when it was time to open gifts. Huh.