Saturday, November 29, 2008

Public Restrooms

Boy, there is no shortage of blog material when you have a Cady! Today at Target in the busy Public Restroom. We are in the stall and I'm trying to use the restroom and change Cady simultaneously. To put it bluntly, someone farts in the stall next to us.

Cady: (Eyes get really wide!) Mommy, was that her? (points to the stall next to us).

I nod my head trying to be quiet.

Cady: (not accepting this mode of communication says louder) Mommy! Was that she??(sticks her hand under the stall into the next stall making a pointing gesture).

Me: (mortified, wanting this conversation to go away but knowing Cady well enough that it will only get worse if I pretend not to hear her questions) whisper in her ear: Yes Cady.

Cady: (quite loud) Mommy! Why she farted?????

I decide to wait until the "she" next door to us leaves before we exit the stall.

1 comment:

Starin said...

Considering how much Cady farts I can't believe she thought anything of it. But it is pretty funny. :-)