Monday, December 22, 2008

And she strikes again...

Today I took Cady to story time at the library. Probably due to the holidays, it was a nice small group of about four moms/dads and only five or six kids. The reader, a man, was reading a book about a cat that also featured other animals. When he turned to the cow page, there's a cartoon picture of a cow with a very large udder. Cady, who is standing in front of the book, exclaims, "Look mommy! That cow has a peepo!" Peepo is a word that Cady came up with on her very own. It's a stand-in for penis. Since she created it, we've just gone with it. I didn't even think she knew the word penis, that is until her follow-up statement. No sooner had she announced to everyone that this cow has a peepo but she then says, "My daddy has a penis!"

Cady's done wonders on my "embarrasses easily" issues. I hardly bat an eye anymore.

I remember the first time that I heard the song, "Betty Davis Eyes" I just had to know what precocious meant. I remember asking my mom and then feeling equally confused by the time she was done explaining. I guess that not being very precocious myself I just couldn't wrap my brain around it's meaning. It amuses me that 30 years later I have been given a living example of the word.


Great Aunt Sophie said...

Guess there's no blending into the woodwork when you are hanging w/ Cady!

MiMi said...

Next time you see Jane, ask her about young Tim learning about the relationship of age to certain organs and then exclaiming loudly in public about how well-endowed an old gentleman must be!