Friday, December 12, 2008

28 week belly

This is what a 28 week (equals 6 months) belly looks like on a short-waisted person. Some days I feel sooo lucky to work with teens (sarcastic tone) because they love to tell me how big I am. In fact, one of my teen moms commented three different times yesterday on how "huge" I was. The last comment was, "Ms. Keenan, I feel sorry for you. You are so huge!" LOL. Teens and toddlers both seem to be missing a filter.

6 weeks

28 weeks


Great Aunt Sophie said...

Well, that IS impressive Paula! Can't wait to see you and Barley in person! Funny, at my work we regularly point out their lack of filters!

MiMi said...

Actually (take note, Cady) that just looks like my typical post-Ripley belly. For that matter, I think I could match you right now. Fortunately, most of my acquaintances have pretty good filters.

KMK said...

So do the teen moms have dainty bellies? Can't wait to meet Barley and see how he and Cady interact.

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Yeah, they definitely have age on their side. You can hardly tell when any of them are approaching their due date, they are all so tiny.