Friday, December 5, 2008

Gender Neutrification..or not

We were going to start saving up for a new bedroom set for Cady but a friend of a friend of ours is going through a divorce and made us an offer we couldn't refuse. A trundle bed, practically new, for $100.00. I took Cady out to Target to buy some sheets and I was REALLY hoping that I could steer her toward something a little more gender neutral so that we can start making some head-way toward defeminizing her room for Coben's arrival. I must have had a screw loose, because anyone in their right mind who spends any amount of time with a two year old will know that there is no steering them toward an idea that isn't their own! This is a picture of her new big girl bed and the sheets that she just could not live without!

I did manage to talk her out of the princess bedspread. The Princess sheets are flannel so maybe by the time her birthday rolls around she can add a whole new bedset to her list since it'll be warming it's way up toward the need for non-flannel sheets. And just where do little girls get their princess obsessions? She hasn't even seen her first princess movie yet, but she has to have princess spaghettios, princess diapers and now add princess sheets to the list. Strange.

The new bed has made me into a nervous wreck. See how high off of the ground it is?? And no rails??? Ay-yi-yi. Rob's convinced that she'll be fine and that despite what I say she is not going to roll off and end up with a permanent spinal injury. But I suppose that she would have to actually sleep in her own bed all night long in order to increase the chance of that happening.

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Miss-buggy said...

cute bed. It took cooper a few times falling out but then he was good. His is higher too. We put a pillow on the floor by his head for just in cases.