Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The return of the boogers!

Following a cold, there is never a shortage of booger stories.

Cady used to have no problem blowing her nose or disposing of her boogers somewhere other than her mouth...that is until recently. It's so gross! I was really proud of her when I was getting her out of the car for music class because she said, "here's a booger mom" of course I had nowhere to put it and had the brilliant idea to wipe it onto he bottom of her shoe. The rest will come later.

So now cut to music class. We are in the group circle singing the Hello song. Each kid gets a hello to them. I don't even see her digging in her nose, except when it's time for the group to sing "Hello to Cady" Cady puts her finger up in the air with a booger on it and yells, "Here mom!" That gets a chuckle from the group. I leave the circle to cut across the room to get a kleenex. So I'm across the group from Cady. She sees me grab a kleenex and I kid you not, she YELLS across the singing group, "I already ate it all up mommy! I ate it up!" [+o(]

So now music class is over and we are leaving. It's time to put on our shoes. We are sitting in a pile with all the other moms and toddlers putting on their shoes when Cady announces, "I'm looking for my booger mom! Where's my booger" while inspecting the bottom of her shoe. Man, talk about embarrassing.

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