Friday, March 6, 2009

Day and Night

I'm referring to Cady and Coben. It'll be interesting to see how Coben's personality develops, but as for right now, he is pretty opposite in every way than Cady at this age. For starters he sleeps. All day long. And most of the night. I had to ask the P.A. at our appointment on Wednesday if this was normal. We looked back at the log of Cady's first few days home and she was awake probably 16 hours a day (can't sleep when you are busy yelling at your parents). Coben is awake for probably 2 and that's only because he has to eat. I also remember sleepless nights with Cady. I remember Rob playing X-box in the living room with her all night long and driving around the lake for more than an hour trying to get her to sleep...only to get her home and have her wake up crying the second we turned off the light. Coben on the other hand only woke up once last night to eat and fell right back asleep. Or if he wakes up, he doesn't cry he just plays with his hands and experiments with the sounds coming out of his mouth.

Cady had a loud, intense, persistent, "you must figure out what I need immediately" cry. Coben's cry is more of a suggestion that we should be doing something to meet his needs. Cady just seemed to come out of the womb with this well-developed alertness and a frustration that her body could not meet that level of alertness. She was just ready to grab life by the horns and swing it around. Coben is more of a take things as they come kind of guy. We couldn't be luckier to have both little personalities. One to keep us on our toes and one to keep us sane.

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KMK said...

Sounds like a good balance and a much deserved break on the crying!