Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween, just around the corner!

I went to Cady's parent-teacher conference tonight to find out that she's doing great socially and academically. She's starting to really settle in and adapts to changes easier than those first weeks. Her teacher informed me that our school district does not allow Halloween celebrations so the kids won't be able to dress up for school. I just don't get it.
Was it just me or wasn't the annual dressing up and parading around the school followed by a Halloween party one of the best school holiday celebrations? Why does our culture, a mixture of all cultures, find that celebrating other cultures are okay but then do away with long-standing American traditions which have become a part of our culture? Christmas parties have become holiday celebrations even though Santa Claus long ago broke out of the religious box. I loved Cady's last school that instead of not celebrating, used the time to introduce many different ideas of how different cultures celebrate which meant the kids not only got to have a Christmas party but all kinds of parties. What better way to learn than to celebrate?
Wow. I didn't expect to go here tonight. The only reason I signed on to blog tonight was to share that Cady jumped into my car after school and gleefully announced that she had "Jimmy cracked corns" today. I didn't laugh. But I wanted to. She was referring to Candy Corns.
Coben on the other hand gets the right words in there. He told me that he is going to try Jicama one day at school and that he had gouda cheese the other day. He retains the craziest things. Pronunciation is where the work comes in for Coben. Last night we had a request for Word-els. What? Wordels. You want what? WORDELS!! Oh, noodles? Is that what you want? Yes, wordels. Coben, try saying N-n-n-noodles. N-n-n-Wordels! At least he tried.

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