Saturday, September 24, 2011


As promised here are the Cady-isms that I have been saving up over the summer.

Presented in quiz format:
What is the real word or term behind the Cady-made word/term?

Pixie Pins or Moxie Pins.
Crunchy Lips
Crack the Light
House Air
Butt Cheek of Penis
Batter Spoon
Totaller Truck

And even Coben has one. But his is related to speech.


He has this Brick-like (reference The Middle) way of adding S's to the end of words since he leaves them off of the beginning of words. So, we'll hear him saying, "I did a somersault in the grass-s-s-s" essentially turning one syllable words into three syllable words.

Okay. So how many did you get right???

Pixie Pins. Also called Moxie Pins.   Bobby Pins
Jigglies   The bottom of your pants if they jiggle. So jeans have jigglies but leggings do not.
Woodjie  Wedgie
Pimples  Nipples
Crunchy Lips  Chapped Lips
Crack the Light   Turn the light down
Fur   Crayon Shavings
House Air   Room Temperature
Butt Cheek of Penis   Testicles (something we talk waaaay too much about IMO)
Kick   Ken doll
Batter Spoon Spatula
Totaller Truck  Tow Truck
Oopers Slippers


KK said...

Lol. I got 4.

MiMi said...

Thanks so much for the updates - I'm sure it's a chore, especially now with full-time work, but we really, really appreciate them!!!

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