Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fast Asleep

Rob and I have always thought it interesting that Cady has never just fallen asleep anywhere. She sleeps in one of three places ONLY. Her bed, our bed or the car seat. That is until today! I had to work tonight so Rob and Cady had a daddy/daughter night which consisted of bath and cartoons. Cady had her bath and then she was wrapped up like a burrito which she loves. Rob said she was sitting on the bed with him watching cartoons when she suddenly just started bobbing and then she just fell over! She slept like a little burrito for 2 1/2 hours!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shopping with Tate

Spring is in the air. I came home early from work today since I had to go in early for a meeting and was greeted by 60 something degree weather! I packed Tato up and we went for a stroller ride to see if we could find Elmo. Cady had a little Elmo doll. It's the first thing she has ever attached herself too and we made the mistake of taking him for moral support when Cady went to get her haircut...across town. We left him there and we haven't seen him since. I have been to Target no less than 4 times a week since he was lost and they have yet to restock that shelf. Our friends gave us a loaner in the meantime but it would be really nice to let Emma have her Elmo back.
So we walked to Target with the intent of finding a new Elmo. STILL not in stock!! I think it was the combination of sunshine, tax time and not having bought Cady any new clothes in months (yes, she wore 100% used clothes this Fall and Winter)that we found ourselves in the clothes aisle. Okay, Cady is FUN to shop with now. Well, fun if you don't count having to rehang and clean up the trail of clothes that she is leaving in her wake. The first thing that she did was brought me some boys swimming trunks and said, "Mommy, this is pretty!" to which I agreed and kept shopping. After that she insisted on pulling all kinds of things off the rack to show me and exclaiming all the while as to how cute they were. Having a toddler show you a spider man shirt while telling you very emphatically just how cute it is, is well...cute! We tried on shoes and $150.00 later with our stroller full of summer dresses, shorts and sandals we walked to check out. We cut through lingerie and Cady starts fondling the bras and yelling in her very loud Cady voice, "Boobies, boobies, boobies!" What a smarty!
I heard there is snow in the forecast for this weekend but that's okay. We have shorts and dresses which means that Summer is right around the corner!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend in Estes

This weekend we went up to Estes Park. We rented a great condo and spent the weekend with our friends Jerimy, Gretchen, Rob and Carey and their kids Brooke and Emma. It's funny how much we look forward to a weeekend away but once we are there we realize how bad things go when you get out of the routine with a toddler. I can say that all of us were feeling that way. As per the norm, none of the kids really wanted to sleep and by the time we'd finally get them down all of us adults were done for the night. The stay up and party days are long gone! Regardless, we had a good time hanging out with our friends and just being away from Denver.

We did a LOT of this!

This is why we went up....snowshoeing!! Except we didn't even make it to the trailhead. After about 1/2 mile on this road all of the kids were DONE!!! So, we brought our snowshoes but never actually got to wear them!

The Puff Girls


Every night at 5:00 we had seven deer at our door!

The Nightlife!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Girls

It is impossible for me to put into words how completely cool it is to see Cady with her girlfriends. She LOVES her friends! It's not as though they are just other toddlers that she is in a room with, they are clearly her friends. If she knows that we are going to spend time with her friends that is ALL that she talks about that day. She gets so excited and repeats over and over that we are going to Emma's house or Makenzie's house. And when we get there she absolutely lights up!
At this age, the baby books talk about how toddlers do not interact. Developmentally they are in the parallel play stage which means playing side by side but not WITH each other. Cady and her friends are an absolute 100% exception to that rule. There is no parallel play with them. It is running and chasing, giving spontaneous hugs, jumping on furniture together, doing Ring around the Rosie and playing hide and seek. The only parallel play that I have seen was recently when we went to Makenzie's for dinner. All of us adults were talking and the girls went upstairs to play. It was too quiet (we all know what that means) so I went upstairs in time to hear Cady on one side of the hall calling (in her loud Cady voice) for Makenzie. I found Cady first who had a bucket of "products" that were supposed to be on the bathroom sink but were all over the floor. Makenzie had taken one of the products, the lotion, into the room across the hall and was sitting on the floor squeezing it into her hand while Cady was left holding the evidence in the bathroom. I guess you could call that parallel play.
Anywhoooo. The pictures below are of Cady and her two BFF's, Makenzie and Emma. The pics of Cady and Makenzie holding hands. Awwww. They held hands all the way up the sidewalk and as you can see all the way up to the door. They had each other and I'm not sure either one of them were aware we were around anymore.
The second group of pics is with Emma. Emma came over the other night. We decided to make a little bed on the floor and the two cuddled up together with those big honking pacifiers (someone tell me that she won't be going to Kindergarten with that thing!)The only thing more beautiful than that was when Cady asked me to lay down with her and then the girls vied for the spot next to me. Emma nestled in and Cady pretty much rolled on top of her so I guess they both won in the sense that they were equally close to me. You know what is really sappy though? Neither one of them realized as they were fighting to lay next to me that I was the one that was winning. I can't tell you how perfect it feels to have two little toddlers to cuddle!