Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Super-fast on the go girl!

Wow! I'd update this blog more, but Cady is and frequently! I'm tired...all the time. Rob can attest to this. If there is a 7:00 TV show on, i'm out before 8 and then he is unable to wake me up until I've had a couple of hours of sleep...only then can he get me to climb into bed. For someone who used to stay up until midnight on work nights and who has NEVER been a napper, it's a testament to what a baby-on-the-go can do to you. I'm wiped out!

I'm not the only one. I received an email from Rob yesterday that said something to the effect of, "I can't get anything done. Cady is all over the place. I'm glad you have only 3 more months of work left. She's driving me crazy!" I came home to find that the entire house had been transformed into a giant playpen. Between baby gates and man-made obstacles, Rob had her penned in pretty good. Another feature of being on the go is the desire to find small things and put them in her mouth. And believe me..she finds them. Cat toenails, those little plastic things that price tags come on that you have to rip off of your clothes, tiny pieces of paper...she'll find them. Of course she is also TERRIFIED of the vacuum which makes it hard to get the small stuff up on a regular basis. Oh look, as I type I'm noticing that Cady is working something around in her mouth right now. I'm going fishing.

And I'm back. Were you wondering what it was? Coincidetally, part of a price tag. It wasn't the long plastic piece on the price tag, but the piece at the end. The part that if you don't use scissors and impatiently tear it off, it usually ends up ripping your clothes. Anyhow, we have a mover. A butt-scooter and a creeper. She can get around the house standing and holding onto objects. Rob found her creeping down the hall yesterday using only the wall as support. If we are not around'll know why!
Here are some cute pictures my friend took at the Children's museum
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Friday, February 23, 2007


For a couple of weeks now..but getting quicker! Everything, not just cruising, is now quicker. She's all over the place and in to everything. Jenny's and Fibi's anxiety levels are through the roof!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Show-down at the Children's Museum

Or at least that's what it looks like in this picture. This was only a few moments before Cady tried twice to kiss her friend Kate (in picture) and *did* kiss some random little girl that was also at the museum.

I love Holidays and spending time with Cady. *sigh*

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dolly Shopping

Last night we went to one of our dinner group theme dinners. As a side note, I have to admit that my Brazillian dessert was HORRIBLE. While we were there, Cady played with Halie's dolly. She even sucked in Halie's dolly's pacifier...ewww, but cute! We realized that Cady does not have a dolly and it seems like the right time for her to have one. So, today we went dolly shopping. The whole excursion took about 3 hours! Of course before we went shopping we had to stop off for lunch at Pizzeria Uno. We don't go out to eat anymore, so it was fun to go out with Cady. She had her first french fries which she handled very well and she had the cheese off of my pizza. Total junk meal!

Then we went to Babies R' Us for the dolly. It mostly turned into a discussion of how and where Cady is going to eat and sleep while in Wisconsin and Maine this year, and how we are going to lug so much stuff on a plane. We didn't resolve anything but talked a lot. Then, when Rob went to the bathroom I started reading a great book on Colic. Finally a great book...where was it when we were needing it? It was fascinating. Basically, the same stuff they told us at the Fussy Baby Clinic. Cady was born with some advanced developmental milestone's which made her ultra-aware of how much it sucked to be out of the womb and no way to resolve the intensity of it all. Because she was ultra-aware and unable to self-soothe she would cry a lot. The crying itself upset her and would intensify things even more. Described to a T what we were going through. So of course, it took another few minutes for me to read some of this to Rob when he got out of the bathroom. Then the toy aisle. We had to play for a while with all of the toys...that is 1/2 the fun. Then we picked out a dolly. They only had four dolls! We tried out a little baby couch that folded out into a futon and wished that it was compact enough to take on a plane. We admired some cute clothes. Then we put the doll back and left empty-handed. It just wasn't the right doll! So, the end result of our three-hour trip to get a dolly was no dolly! Maybe another day.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Laundry day at the Keenan house!

First you sort
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Then you throw them into the washer!
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Don't forget to get out before you turn it on!
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Chopping onions...funny stuff

I used the Alligator chopper that Katharine bought us as a wedding gift, to chop onions tonight. The first snap made Cady cry, but I realized if I made this really dumb sound effect, it was actually funny instead. Pay attention to the scream mid-way through. That is the infamous scream that Cady does morning, noon, and night. The best place to do it is while out shopping to get shoppers attention, around other babies (this causes 2 out of 3 babies to cry...really), and during the lullaby portion of her music class.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Will work for food....

Okay, it's not a crawl yet, but it's more than putting her head down and screaming which is what usually happens when she is on her belly. Cady showed us that she is capable of getting from point A to point B in a way other than scootching on her butt...especially if there is spinach and kale flavored Pirates Booty involved. Go Cady!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

First Day Away!!

Rob dropped Cady off at Meghan's this morning for her first day away! Rob dropped her off and Cady started playing right away and gave Rob a wave good-bye with an expression of "Don't let the door hit you in the ass."
I had a really stressful day at work which was probably good because I didn't have a chance to think about how she was doing. I picked Cady up at 3 and Meghan said she did great! Cady just gave me a casual wave when I walked in the door and resumed playing. Meghan said Cady took a nap without much of a fight (one thing we worried about) and had a good time playing. She did ask me if it meant something when Cady screams. She has this really really loud piercing scream and she does it frequently. And it means absolutely nothing except Cady enjoying her voice. She was also impressed, as we are, with how voracious Cady's appetite is. Cady scoops handfuls of mac and cheese in her mouth, shovels them in quickly and eats way more than the recommended baby fist-size portion. That's our girl! When it was time to leave, Cady who usually loves to be in my arms would not stop trying to squirm out of them. She wasn't done playing. I am so happy that this is not only an option that "works" but an option that is turning out to be a very good thing for Cady.

I also thought it was cute that Meghan asked me about Cady's clothing. She asked if I pick out her clothing for Rob to dress her in the morning. I said that Rob picks them out. She was impressed by Rob's un-manlike ability to match and color coordinate!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Kissy Lips

Cady might not be a cuddler but she is sooo affectionate. When I come home from work she will give me a hug. Other times she'll suddenly get this really cute "I love you face" and plant a kiss on me along with the hug. Her affection carries over to her baby friends as well. She is definitely discriminate in who she chooses to kiss. It's not just anybody and it's rarely on demand.
This Saturday we went to one of our dinner parties (Japanese this time) at Deb and Courtney's house. They have a little girl Makenzie who is one year old and one of Cady's all time favorite babies. Makenzie was napping when we got there. Whe she got up, Cady quickly scooted up next to her, put her arm around her shoulders and drew her into her for a kiss. The following day (yesterday) they came over to watch the Superbowl. The same exact thing happened. As soon as Cady saw Makenzie, she scooted up to her, grabbed her and tried to plant one on. Other people she kisses other than me and Rob are her nanny, her baby friend Emma, Emma's mom Gretchen, my mom when she visited and Stacy. It's seriously heart-warming and nothing beats a baby kiss!
Here is Cady's little friend Makenzie.
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Friday, February 2, 2007

Little Drummer Girl

Cady spends her Friday nights singing, dancing and playing instruments. Her favorite is the drum. Before class starts the babies hang out and drum. Here she is with her friend Nolan.

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A person could go broke...

On baby clothes. Good grief does she go through a lot! We finally save up enough to go get her a few things and we look at each other as we are putting them away and we think "wow, this is gonna hold her for a while" and then a couple of weeks later it seems as though things are too tight or too short. And Pajamas? Forget trying to keep up with those. She's used to wearing the same couple of pairs of jammies which are way too big but she's so long that the ones that fit snug she's about ready to bust out of the feet. She's a big girl and growing. I guess we should be thankful she's not a teenager yet. Then we WILL have to get second (or third)jobs!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Cady's Research

Monday I took Cady to the University of Denver after work so that she could participate in a research study. The study has something to do with infant memory and preference. She sat in my lap in front of a computer monitor. I was blindfolded, she was not. The computer would show images of two toys and they would monitor where she was looking to see if she registered a preference. Then they would display the same two toys in reverse position to see if she remembered the position of the original toy that she had preference for (or something like that, they'll be sending me the results). While they were setting us up, they prepared me for ways they might have to get her attention and ways that I could help. Yeah, right. I couldn't see Cady but I could tell that as soon as an image would flash up she started squealing, bouncing in my lap and clapping. It was a lot of fun for her. After we were done, the proctor (not sure if that is the correct term) said that Cady was the fastest baby they've ever had. I asked what they meant by fast. She said that Cady engaged really quickly. I asked if it had anything to do with her not being used to watching television. The proctor responded that it is very likely. She said that they have observed that babies who are allowed to watch those Baby Einstein videos that I hate (the social worker in me, sorry)have difficulty engaging because they are waiting for something bigger and better to happen on the screen than just two inanimate objects on display. This reinforced that our conviction to abstain from television probably is going to help Cady develop a better attention span. With attention deficit so rampant in my own family it's not something that we want to play around with. Cady's reward for participating in the research? A little bath toy. Her favorite!